Rising Agency ‘Helix Publicity’ Wants To Be The Light That Shines On Asian And International Artists | Exclusive Interview

Helix Publicity is a publicity agency that is focused on keeping the momentum of Hallyu (the Korean Wave) going by helping artists stand out in the media landscape.

They have worked with a number of famous K-Pop artists including MAMAMOO’s WheeIn, LIGHTSUM, AB6IX, and Suran, to name a few. 

Rising Agency 'Helix Publicity' Wants To Be The Light That Shines On Asian And International Artists | Exclusive Interview

Suran’s Twitter / LIGHTSUM’s Twitter / MAMAMOO WheeIn’s Instagram / AB6IX’s Twitter

Helix Publicity aims to see the rise of Korean and Asian artists in the West and create a long-term influential movement more than a passing trend.


The agency is all about representation and aims for all Asian artists (not just K-Pop artists) to be seen and appreciated on an international scale. The hope is for them to become a long-term force that shapes the future of the industry.

Kpopmap had the honor of speaking to the publicity manager at Helix Publicity, Brittany Press, and asking her some questions about the agency’s origins, their process when working with artists, and more.

What kind of work does Helix Publicity do as an agency?


Our main focus is to get well-deserved media and fan attention for our clients. However, depending on what our clients’ needs and goals are, our work changes. We facilitate reviews, interviews, performances, brand partnerships, and other promotional features around our clients’ activities and music releases. We assist with brand strategy, social media content, and execution. Also, we help our clients network with new producers, tour companies, and our other connections in the industry.

How did Helix Publicity get started?


Helix launched in 2021 with the goal of furthering the voices and talents of amazing Asian artists on a global scale. We are specifically aiming to ensure that their hard work is being recognized in the West, especially now that the U.S. media market has become more open to working with these types of artists.

Is there a project that has made you happiest or been the most impressive throughout your work?


There are two projects that come to mind!


Firstly, working with OMEGA X has made me incredibly happy. Watching the members take their second chance, overcome so many obstacles, win Rookie of the Year, and just continue to flourish has just been absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.


I’m also thrilled that I get to work with WheeIn. I’ve loved her voice and music for a long time, and now, being able to interact with her and see her on calls, I get to see first-hand what a kind and wonderful person she is, and that makes me happy as well.

Which artists are you working with at the moment? Please share some news about your latest project with us.


Right now, we are working with OMEGA X, LIGHTSUM, bugAboo, WheeIn, Suran, SHAUN, AB6IX, RAVI, YONGGUK, and more!


I do want to shout out a couple of my favorite releases from our artists – WheeIn’s “WHEE”, and OMEGA X’s “LOVE ME LIKE” are both incredible. Another piece of news that stands out in my mind is OMEGA X winning the Rookie of the Year at the Seoul Music Awards.

When choosing artists to represent and develop, what are the deciding factors or criteria?


First and foremost, we work with artists whose music we love and want to promote. People will feel more motivated and fulfilled if they actually enjoy their work. With that in mind, if one of our publicists is passionate about the music of a particular client, we make sure they have the opportunity to work on that campaign in some capacity.


Aside from that, when we meet with a potential client, we have discussions and assess if they are willing to do what it takes to enter and work in a market that is unlike what they are used to. We don’t expect or ask our clients to change themselves for the western market. However, there are differences in expectations, timing, and process when working with the media in the U.S. versus media in Korea. For instance, some things are done in completely opposite ways. This is hard on a lot of artists and their teams, but if it’s not something that they are interested in doing, we don’t want to waste their time and efforts on something they personally don’t feel is worth pursuing.


Rising Agency 'Helix Publicity' Wants To Be The Light That Shines On Asian And International Artists | Exclusive Interview

Brittany Press (Helix Publicity)

Is there an artist that you want to work with in the future? Please tell us the reason why.


I have been asked this question a lot recently so I guess I will just try to manifest it haha. I would love to work with JYJ’s Kim JaeJoong and Kim JunSu. They’re both extremely talented and I’m confident that many people would be interested in supporting their activities and would enjoy their music.


I’d also LOVE to work with more powerhouse female soloists, such as Ailee, SunMi, HyunA, and ChungHa!

What is your goal for 2022 and vision for the future?


My goal for Helix Publicity is to grow and become known as one of the leading PR agencies, not just for our work in K-Pop, but as leading advocates for Asian artists. That’s our goal for 2022, and overall.


Helix Publicity hopes to further Asian voices and garner more attention for their music, all while helping the artists to get close with their international fans.

We’re personally looking forward to the greatness that they will achieve as a leading agency in the Asian music industry.


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