Rogue Legacy 2: All Easter Eggplant Places

Adventurers seeking to full the Full Home Achievement in Rogue Legacy 2 might want to uncover the areas of 4 secret NPCs.

Easter Eggplants are hidden NPCs in Rogue Legacy 2 linked to the Full Home Achievement. These odd eggplant folks wouldn’t have any distinctive dialogue or carry out any explicit interplay with the participant. When idle, they’ll wander from left to proper atop their small platform. If found by the participant, they’ll comically wiggle their arms for a number of moments earlier than summoning just a few fireworks in Rogue Legacy 2.

Rogue Legacy 2 options 4 Easter Eggplants in whole, every with its personal “pun title.” The primary is named “Easter Eggplant,” whereas one other has the title “Easter Ham n’ Eggplant.” After being discovered, these eggplant NCPs will teleport to the Drift Home after the participant leaves the world. Discovering all 4 will full the key process, additional progressing the difficult Full Home Achievement. Remember the fact that the eggplant folks of Rogue Legacy 2 may be encountered in any order and at any time. Nonetheless, it’s endorsed gamers purchase traversal Relics like Icarus Wings or equip class-related Skills. Alternatively, enabling Home Guidelines to toggle the flexibility to fly can be a legitimate technique of discovering the Easter Eggplants.


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Each Easter Eggplant in Rogue Legacy 2 is positioned in an obscure spot. Accordingly, sure eggplants will not be seen on display till the participant strikes to their location or breaks their platform. Subsequently, be sure you search every space fastidiously to efficiently find each eggplant in Rogue Legacy 2.

Each Eggplant In Rogue Legacy 2

Rogue Legacy 2 All Easter Eggplant Locations

The primary Easter Eggplant, “Easter Eggplant,” may be discovered within the top-right nook of the Tutorial zone, accessible throughout a NG+. To achieve the purple fruit, gamers can use wings or dashes paired with the Ranger’s Ivy Cover. After encountering it, followers can’t work together with the NPC besides by attacking it. When taking injury, the eggplant’s HP bar will seem, revealing its title. Nonetheless, when its HP reaches zero, all of its well being will likely be instantly restored. Therefore, there isn’t any level attacking the eggplant folks except the participant needs to take a look at their DPS in Rogue Legacy 2. The second eggplant, “Easter English Breakfast,” is a red-colored NPC that sits on a ledge inside an alcove on the high of a tall slanted ceiling within the Problem Area. This room may be accessed by coming into the pink teleporter problem rooms that seem randomly. After defeating the enemies and reaching the chest, go to the highest of the room to seek out the eggplant.

“Easter Ham n’ Eggplant” is the third eggplant positioned within the Far Shores of the Kerguelen Plateau biome. To seek out it, head to the huge lake and search for a swirly vine on the high of the display. Attain this hidden platform to seek out the eggplant. If gamers handle to interrupt the platform, the pink NPC will fall to the small island under. The final Easter Eggplant is “Easter Omeletteplant” and may be discovered on the higher left close to the boss entrance of the Solar Tower.

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Rogue Legacy 2 is accessible on Xbox One, Xbox Collection X|S, and PC.

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