Samsung Unveils New HD Photos Of BTS Along With Galaxy S22 Ultra Smartphone

Samsung has continually been dropping teasers leading up to the annual Samsung Galaxy Unpacked, featuring Global Ambassadors BTS.

Now, the time has finally come. On February 9, at 10 AM EST/February 10, 2022, at 12 AM KST., Samsung held the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event, revealing all of the new devices and products for the year.

Still, Samsung didn’t just unveil their new lineup of Galaxy S22 phones. The company launched a new global campaign with BTS in response to the environmental crisis.

From left: Suga, Jimin, V, RM, Jin, J-Hope, and Jungkook. | Samsung

Additionally, as BTS are Samsung’s Global Ambassadors, the members are featured in several new advertisements for the Galaxy S22 smartphones.

So, here are all the new HD photos of BTS, released by Samsung…

1. RM

BTS’s fearless leader shows off the great camera capabilities of the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Smile for #RM! Look what he captured with the #GalaxyS22 Ultra.

— @SamsungMobile/Twitter

He goes behind the camera to show off the Nightography.

The night comes alive.

— @SamsungMobile/Twitter

| Samsung

2. Jin

EatJin comeback thanks to Samsung! Every food blogger needs a good camera.

#Jin’s Mukbangs just got tastier with the #GalaxyS22 Plus.

— @SamsungMobile/Twitter

Jin shines even in the darkness.

Worldwide Handsome even in low-light.

— @SamsungMobile/Twitter

| Samsung

3. Suga

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is a perfect tool for every songwriter and producer like Suga.

#SUGA wants to know: what’s your favorite @BTS_twt lyric?

— @SamsungMobile/Twitter

Suga is the perfect model to show off the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s Nightography feature.

Even at night, SUGA is picture-perfect.

— @SamsungMobile/Twitter

| Samsung

4. J-Hope

Jimin becomes a cameraman for J-Hope as he dances.

On the street, in his room, or just about anywhere, #Jhope busts a move with #GalaxyS22 Plus.

— @SamsungMobile/Twitter

Who says the sun can’t shine at night?

He keeps it cool with his warm glow.

— @SamsungMobile/Twitter

| Samsung

5. Jimin

Jimin loves to relax, and the new Galaxy is a perfect onhand tool for easy entertainment, of course, like catching up on Netflix or YouTube.

Even in #Jimin’s downtime, his selfie game is up.

— @SamsungMobile/Twitter

Whether a selfie or a full-on photoshoot, Jimin is always ready.

Vibrant lights for epic nights.

— @SamsungMobile/Twitter

| Samsung

6. V

V is a sexy saxophonist for Samsung Galaxy…

Now streaming: #V just for you. 😍🎷

— @SamsungMobile/Twitter

But this musician is also a model, so he served face for Galaxy S22 Ultra’s Nightography.

Style that shines through the night.

— @SamsungMobile/Twitter

| Samsung

7. Jungkook

Galaxy S22 Ultra gives us even more great HD photos of Jungkook’s piercings, and, for that, we’re eternally grateful.

#JungKook, the artist with his tool of choice: the #GalaxyS22 Plus.

— @SamsungMobile/Twitter

If Jungkook is starring in the movie, we’ll watch it.

Every night is a movie.

— @SamsungMobile/Twitter

| Samsung

8. OT7

And, of course, another iconic OT7 group selfie that will go down in history books.

If @BTS_twt sends you this photo, how will you react?

— @SamsungMobile/Twitter

Last but not least, several new wallpapers and cover photos for all our technological needs…

Read more about BTS’s new global campaign with Samsung below:

BTS And Samsung Team Up To Save The Planet

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