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Sea of Stars 

Sea of Stars, a 2023 RPG developed by Sabotage Studio, offers an immersive gaming experience. Available on Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, it shares a universe with the acclaimed title The Messenger (2018).

Players assume the roles of Valere and Zale, wielding the power of the sun and moon to combat an alchemist. The game seamlessly blends puzzle-solving and turn-based combat mechanics, allowing control of a party of up to six characters. Critically praised, Sea of Stars captivates players with its engaging gameplay and richly crafted world, delivering an exceptional gaming adventure.

Sea of Stars Relics Guide

Relics in Sea of Stars – Enhancing Your RPG Experience

In the world of Sea of Stars, relics play a significant role in shaping your gaming experience. These items, available in the Game Pass and PS+ versions of the game, can be obtained in various ways, including shop purchases and hidden locations. Relics can provide advantages in battles and other aspects of the game, making your journey more enjoyable.

Starting Strong with Free Relics

At the beginning of your adventure, Sea of Stars grants you two relics for free: the Amulet of Storytelling and Sequent Flare. While equipping these relics is optional, they offer valuable benefits, such as increased health for party members and enhanced timing-based attacks.

Exploring the World for Relics

Throughout the game, you’ll encounter numerous relics available for purchase in various shops. Some notable relics include the Adamant Shard, which ensures double hits on regular attacks, and the Guardian Aura, reducing incoming damage by 30%. These relics can be bought with in-game currency, enhancing your characters’ capabilities.

Hidden Market Treasures

A few relics have special requirements or can only be found in hidden locations. The Double Edge, Dubious Dare, and Tome of Knowledge can be discovered in the secret store in Brisk, but they come at a higher cost. These relics can impact your gameplay significantly, albeit with certain trade-offs.

Mastering Fishing for Unique Relics

Mirth’s Fishing Shop offers a unique set of relics that can be unlocked by catching specific fish species. The Mithreel Rod, Stereofilament Line, Bearing Reel, and Sailent Sails enhance your fishing experience and ship sailing capabilities. To access these items, you’ll need building plans and must convince the fisherman to move to Mirth.


Uncovering the Secret Shop

In the town of Brisk, a hidden shop offers select relics, but they come at a price. To access this secret shop, head to the southern part of town and swim beneath the pier. Navigate under the bridge near the massive ship, where you’ll find the shop. Equipping the Trader’s Signet, found in Stonemason’s Outpost in the wind caves, is a prerequisite to access this unique store.


Enhancing Your Sea of Stars Adventure

Relics in Sea of Stars provide a dynamic element to your RPG journey, offering strategic advantages and customization options. Whether you acquire them through regular shops, hidden markets, or by mastering fishing, these relics add depth to your gameplay, ensuring an enriching experience in this captivating world.

The highly-anticipated RPG, Sea of Stars, has finally been released, and players are buzzing with excitement over this retro-inspired turn-based game. Early player reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, praising the game’s aesthetics and drawing comparisons to classic 90s titles like Chrono Trigger.

Sea of Stars offers a plethora of in-game achievements for players to conquer, and this article compiles the complete list of these accomplishments
There’s a total of 42 Sea of Stars achievements awaiting players, including some secret ones that are also detailed below.

Here’s the full list of Sea of Stars achievements:

1. Conch Master – Deliver all Conches to Mirna in Docarri Village.

2. Master Angler – Successfully catch every fish species at least once.

3. Bouncy – Execute 25 consecutive bounces with a moonerang.

4. Lock’s Myth – Destroy a total of 50 locks during battles.

5. Gustative Completion – Prepare every recipe at least once.

6. To the teeth – Unlock all available combos.

7. Well read (to) – Listen to all campfire stories.

8. Measure Hunter – Locate every single treasure in the game.

9. Boss Slugged [secret] – Triumph over the boss in Forbidden Cavern.

10. No, wait! [secret] – Find yourself on Sleeper Island.

11. Stretch Quest [secret] – Defeat Chromatic Apparition.

12. Now give me that! [secret] – Conquer Romaya.

13. Dweller of Woe [secret] – Overcome the Dweller of Woe.

14. Who would have thought? [secret] – Uncover Captain Klee’shae’s true identity.

15. Yo, Ho! [secret] – Beat Stormcaller.

16. Home [secret] – Establish your own town.

17. Solstice Power [secret] – Discover the Solstice Amulet.

18. Dweller of Torment [secret] – Conquer the Dweller of Torment.

19. Detritus Fallen [secret] – Defeat the Leaf Monster.

20. And stay down, too! [secret] – Prevail against the Acolytes.

21. Dweller of Strife [secret] – Confront the Dweller of Strife.

22. Fight fire with lunar [secret] – Defeat the Toadcano.

23. The Warrior Cook [secret] – Attend the special ceremony.

24. Who would have thought? Part [secret] – Learn Serai’s true identity.

25. Chin up! [secret] – Defeat Meduso.

26. Featherweight [secret] – Defeat the Triumvirate of Eminence.

27. Enter the Artificer [secret] – Meet Arty.

28. Dweller of Dread [secret] – Vanquish the Dweller of Dread.

29. Lieupedant [secret] – Overcome Elysan’darelle.

30. Clockwork Champion [secret] – Win against the Watchmaker in a game of Wheels.

31. Wholesome Food [secret] – Enjoy a meal at the Golden Pelican.

32. Better off dead [secret] – Defeat the Gun Goddess.

33. Hey, that’s a reskin! [secret] – Triumph over the Sea Slug.

34. Elder Dissed [secret] – Defeat the Elder Mist for a second time.

35. Glassdiator [secret] – Conquer Croustalion.

36. Free from serviduke [secret] – Liberate Duke Aventry’s soul.

37. Home Neat Home [secret] – Construct a Spa, an Inn, a Shop, and a Fishing Hut in Mirth.

38. Living Encyclopedia [secret] – Achieve pro rank in every Quiz Question pack.

39. New Garl+ [secret] – Fulfill the ultimate wish.

40. No God of mine [secret] – Defeat the Fleshmancer.

41. What a technique! [secret] – Defeat 10 bosses with the Artful Gambit relic equipped.

42. Me day [secret] – Utilize the spa in Mirth with all 6 playable characters.

43. True Solstice Warrior [PlayStation exclusive] – Successfully complete all of the Feats.

Players can now embark on their journey in Sea of Stars and strive to unlock these achievements while enjoying the captivating retro-inspired gameplay.


Sea of Stars  Gameplay

Sea of Stars is a throwback-style RPG that revolves around the adventures of Valere and Zale, two heroes wielding the powers of the sun and moon to confront an alchemist. The gameplay seamlessly integrates puzzle-solving and turn-based combat, granting players control over a party of up to six characters.

Drawing inspiration from classic RPGs like Illusion of Gaia, Breath of Fire, and Chrono Trigger, the game introduces sailing mechanics, engaging side quests, and a combat system centered on exploiting enemies’ “elemental weaknesses.” While set in the same universe as The Messenger, Sea of Stars takes place millennia before the events of the latter game, adding depth to its captivating narrative.

Sea of Stars  Development and Release 

Sea of Stars made its debut announcement on March 19, 2020, taking its initial steps as a Kickstarter project by Sabotage Studio. The studio’s vision for this RPG was notably ambitious, departing from the metroidvania style of their previous game, The Messenger.

Creative director Thierry Boulanger aimed to craft a fresh narrative within the same game world, introducing a different genre, expanded storytelling with six characters, and a more exploration-focused experience. Eric W. Brown, known as “Rainbowdragoneyes,” composed the game’s score, complemented by guest tracks from Yasunori Mitsuda. The game launched on August 29, 2023, across multiple platforms, including Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

A noteworthy milestone for Sea of Stars was being the first video game to launch simultaneously on Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus. Shortly after its release, the game’s official Twitter account proudly shared that it had achieved the remarkable feat of selling 100,000 copies on its very first day.

Sea of Stars  Trailer


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