Second-Gen Girl Group Gavy NJ Members Firmly Deny Online Rumors About Being Involved In An Extramarital Affair

Early February, an anonymous woman took to Nate Pann—a South Korean online community website now infamous for being the platform for all exposés—and accused her husband of having an extramarital affair.

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In the post, the woman claimed that her husband of three months has been cheating on her with Idol A“a popular trio girl group member, born 1988.” She also claimed that the alleged girl group member has been in this romantic relationship with her husband for about a year and is currently pregnant with his child.

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The woman also claimed that, when she confronted him about the affair, the husband insisted not only that his extramarital relationship is over but also that the baby “might not even be his.” Additionally, the husband insisted on Idol A “having a habitual drug use problem, in addition to sleeping around with a lot of men.”

According to the woman, Idol A confirmed the baby to be the husband’s. The woman added that while Idol A agreed to abort the baby, she demanded financial support for getting the abortion—and threatened to give birth to receive child support money if the woman and her husband disagreed to pay.


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When the woman asked her husband for a divorce after he confirmed Idol A having gone through with the abortion, she claimed that he demanded money as well. Claiming that the husband asked her to pay off his debt in exchange of a divorce, the woman concluded the post asking for the internet how she might be able to get revenge for all that has happened to her.

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As soon as the post circulated online, the internet grew unstoppably curious about the identity of Idol A and soon narrowed it down to some second generation K-Pop idols.

Gavy NJ, a second-generation trio girl group. | @gavynjofficial/Facebook

When a comment under the original post mentioned Gavy NJ‘s Jenny and Brand New Day‘s Susie as “the only significant trio girl group members born 1988,” the woman responded Idol A is from one of the two groups.

The top comment under the original post and the woman’s reply. | Nate Pann

Top Comment: Is it Gavy NJ’s Jenny or Brand New Day’s Susie? They are the only trio girl group members born 1988 that I know of.

Woman: You have the wrong member but she is from one of those groups! Haha.

With online speculations continuing to grow, Gavy NJ’s Jenny (who actually got married March 2021)—and her teammate Seorin, also born 1988—have updated their Instagram feeds with statements firmly denying that they are the Idol A in question.

Gavy NJ’s Jenny | @dal_zzang/Instagram

Hello, this is Gavy NJ’s Jenny. I can’t believe I’m posting about being involved in such a ridiculous rumor when I would rather be posting about good things. I did not respond to it at first because it is not true. Unfortunately, my silence fueled speculations and people started talking about me a lot more than I anticipated. I decided to clarify in writing before it becomes too late. Please, I beg. Please stop the nonsense. I’m so tired of the accusations and speculations. Remember that groundless comments can actually scar someone for life. Also remember that I am collecting all evidences, in preparation for legal action. I honestly would rather take this post down. So please. I’m not the person in question. Friends and fans, there is no need to worry. And to the people spreading the rumors, stop. Please.


Jenny and Seorin both urged the unverified rumors to stop while warning legal action against any malicious commenters adding to the speculations.

Gavy NJ’s Seorin | @sjk_0709/Instagram

Hello, this is Gavy NJ’s Seorin. I think this is the first time I’ve had to leave a post like this. Last night, I’ve been named in multiple media reports and videos because some strangers from the internet are going through a rough patch. It has been an extremely unpleasant experience, honestly. I’m baffled. I’m obviously not the person involved in the post. Please stop spreading rumors without fact checking first and please stop speculating based on those groundless rumors. I’ve been a diligent vocalist all this time and so I will be taking legal action against those who defame me as a person. I will not tolerate rumors whatsoever. I have never done anything illegal or shameful in my life, so at first I did not find the rumors to be worth reacting to. But I do not want my family, friends, and fans to worry. So I’m leaving this in writing. Please stop.

— Seorin

Meanwhile, the original post has been since deleted—raising questions about the authenticity of the claims made in the accusatory post.

Source: XPORTSNEWS, Insight and Instagram (1) and (2)

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