Selena Gomez Responds To Francia Raisa’s Cryptic Comment

Actress Selena Gomez has hit back with a comment on a TikTok video where somebody was talking about her former best friend, Francia Raisa. Her friend is the one who donated her kidney to Selena back in 2017.

She also recently unfollowed the singer and there is supposedly a feud between the two. But the recent rumor started when Selena’s documentary had her mental health struggles but there was no mention of Raisa. Selena even said that her only friend in the music industry is Taylor Swift.

She told Rolling Stone, “My only friend in the industry really is Taylor [Swift], so I remember feeling like I didn’t belong”. Raisa commented on a reshared post by the E! News Instagram handle and said, “Interesting”. However, she deleted the comment and unfollowed Gomez.

Selena still follows Raisa and commented on the TikTok video saying, “Sorry I didn’t mention every person I know”. Both Gomez and Raisa have been friends for many years now and have even called each other “sisters”. Francia recently talked about the change she had to bring into her diet after donating her kidney.

“Because I have one kidney functioning and it acts as a filter to my body, I can’t consume as much protein. I eat a lot, I know I’m skinny, but I chow down so that was a very huge concern for me when I talked to the doctor,” she told Yahoo Life.


It is assumed that the tiff between the two artists started a year after the kidney transplant. As per rumors, Francia was not on board with Selena’s ‘unhealthy lifestyle’ and her consuming alcohol after the surgery. Selena hit back at a hater after they commented on one of her funny TikTok videos.

The user said, “So one of your best friends gives you her kidney and you continue to drink excessively. Damn Selena”. The singer responded by writing, “It was a joke a**.” But the two seemed to have reconciled after that.

‘My Mind and Me’, Selena’s documentary had her talking about her mental health struggles as she broke down. Francia was present on Selena’s 30th birthday in July when they seemed to have had fun together.

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