Selina And Cody MAFS Still Together, Where Are Selina And Cody Now?

Married At First Sight

Married at First Sight series is an American reality TV show that premiered on FYI on July 8, 2014. The show is based on the Danish sitcom Gift Ved Forste Blik, which premiered on DR3 on September 4, 2013. The original Danish series format has been licensed to broadcasters worldwide. In the thirteen seasons of MAFS that have aired, 49 couples have been matched. On Decision Day, 29 of them (59 percent) elected to remain married, and more than half of them have subsequently divorced, filed for divorce, or announced their divorce. As of December 2021, only 12 couples had married, resulting in a current overall success rate of 24 percent.

Selina And Cody MAFS Still Together?

Their fantasy wedding may have been the ideal setting for Cody and Selina to begin their epic love story, but their special day turned out to be more embarrassing than romantic. While she jokingly offered matching tattoos and more seriously inquired about his relationship aspirations, he tried to keep things on a “first date” level. This wasn’t, however, the first date. It was the day of their wedding. Nonetheless, they persisted in the face of adversity. The bad was, of course, Cody’s admission that he didn’t feel sexual attraction to the lovely Selina.

Selina Chhaur From Married At First Sight

Selina began her hairdressing business in 2005. She has an extraordinary passion for the profession of hairstyling and client care. She has experience working backstage at Sydney Fashion Week and on foreign models. Her competence areas include long hair, style, extensions, and coloring.She has won numerous state bridal contests and has been a finalist for AHIA Stylist of the Year 2017 and 2018, AHIA HOT SHOTS 2017, 2018, 2019, and a Finalist for AHFA SA/TAS Hairdresser of the Year 2019.

Cody Bromley From Married At First Sight

Cody spent his 20s traveling the world and living an active life, and he prioritizes his love of adventure over anything else, even relationships. As a result, Cody has previously avoided serious partnerships and turned down any partners who want a more profound commitment. Cody is highly uncomfortable with PDA; even touching their hands is difficult. He hopes his wife will love and accept him as he works through these challenges.

Are Selina And Cody From Married At First Sight Season 9 Still Together?

During an awkward question box game on their honeymoon, Cody said it was challenging to find an attraction to Selina before telling her bluntly, “It’s like my schlong isn’t coordinating with my head.” In week two, things became much worse when Cody admitted to Selina that he isn’t usually attracted to Asian women. He later apologized during the commitment ceremony, and both parties agreed to stay to give their love another chance. Selina and Cody were photographed together in her birthplace of Adelaide in January, implying they will be together after the wedding.

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  • Selina And Cody MAFS Season 9 Still Together

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