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Selling the OC Season 2 Review: Dull Sequel Despite All the Gimmick and Relationship Drama

Selling the OC Season 2 Review
Selling the OC Season 2 Still

Selling the OC Season 2 Review: Netflix’s real-estate-based reality show is set in Orange County, California. The second season features the same agents from season 1 of the Oppenheim Group. The show stars Jason Oppenheim, Brett Oppenheim, Alex Hall, Alexandra Jarvis, Tyler Stanaland, Alexandra Rose, Brandi Marshall, Gio Helou, Polly Brindle, Kayla Cardona, Lauren Shortt, AustinVictoria, Sean Palmieri and Alexandra Rose. A new employee named Alexandra Harper also joins them. The new season has 8 episodes.

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Selling the OC Season 2 Review Contains Mild Spoilers

The first episode begins with Tyler Stanaland and Alex Hall discussing his divorce during the show’s filming. The opening hints that the new season will focus more on Tyler and Alex. In season 1, their proximity raised eyebrows as Tyler was married. But in season 2, from the duo addressing the rumours of their non-existent link-up to others’ reactions and other drama, there’s everything.

Along with Tyler and Alex, the highlight of the new season was Brandi Marshall. The same Brandi who keeps saying she doesn’t want to be around drama but is the one who always creates one! Brandi is grieving her mother’s passing, and we want her to feel better. But how she handles the entire Alex and Tyler equation and makes it about herself is weird.

Selling the OC Season 2 Review Still 1

Brandi believes Alex shouldn’t get too close to Tyler as he was separated and not officially divorced. According to her, it won’t look good on Alex and the firm, which would affect their work/clients. But even after all the concerns, Netflix made an 8-episode long show featuring the agents of Oppenheim Group. Was it Brandi’s judgemental thoughts disguised as concern towards Alex and Tyler? Well, that’s how it appears.

Brandi gets caught in her sea of drama and web of lies. She doesn’t get to tell anyone what to do just because she’s married. Alex and Tyler may or may not be right. But it is tiring to see these participants digging their graves with interference in other people’s business and acting like victims. That doesn’t mean Alex Hall wasn’t less annoying. She will always be the most loud-mouthed and annoying person in the room. But at least she wasn’t poking her nose in other people’s lives.


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Polly Brindle is still the same noisy woman that she is! Her make-out session with Tyler stirs up the much-required drama in a series that was getting lame with every episode. Kayla, who evidently tried to kiss Tyler, is still in denial and believes Polly is the one who made a mistake. Well, everyone’s just equally messed up!

Selling the OC Season 2  Review Still 2

The most shocking twist of Selling the OC Season 2 was Alexandra Jarvis and Alexandra Rose’s friendship break-up. The reasons were personal and professional. There were several instances where Jarvis and Rose had arguments. But the good thing was, they weren’t screaming at the top of their voice like the other duo to put their points forward. I also believe Kayla’s addition to the group is also responsible for the differences. The duo were really the best part of Season 1, and I hope they sort out their differences.

The new season also focused on Austin Shortt, Gio Helou and newly joined Alexandra Harper. But we were shown very little of Ali Harper as she has yet to get her license and join the firm officially. But Gio isn’t impressed with someone new and inexperienced joining the group. That’s the drama we will watch in a new season if it gets made.

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Selling the OC Season 2 decided to get personal by showing us the familial side of the contestants. The family aspect didn’t add any sentimental value in a show where people are shamelessly selfish and leave no chance to humiliate each other. The highlight of season 2 was the constant boob talks, especially by Alex. The last episode features Alex and Tyler having the conversation we had seen coming from the beginning. But it has no spark.

Selling the OC Season 2 Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, the new season had many gimmicks, alcohol and fancy houses. But it felt superficial and unexciting. It was a dull sequel despite several hot topics being discussed (fought about) and hot-headed people screaming to prove their point.

The new season is now streaming on Netflix.

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