Seo Ji Hye Is The Picture Of Innocence In KBS’s Upcoming Time Travel Drama

Seo Ji Hye is the star of new stills released for the upcoming drama “You, Whom I Met By Chance”!

“You, Whom I Met By Chance” (literal title) tells the mysterious story that unfolds when Yoon Hae Joon (Kim Dong Wook), who is traveling to the past to find the truth behind a series of murders, meets Baek Yoon Young (Jin Ki Joo) who is traveling through time to prevent her parents’ wedding. In the midst of their strange and beautiful journey through time, the two get stuck in the year 1987.

Seo Ji Hye plays Lee Soon Ae, an innocent and naive girl who studies literature. She has a positive outlook on life and thus regarded as a bit ditzy, her determination to see the good in life making her an easy target for bullying even amongst her friends. A girl with many emotions and a soft heart, Lee Soon Ae eventually meets Baek Yoon Young, and together the two embark on an adventure filled with learning moments and growing up.

In the newly released stills, Lee Soon Ae can be seen going through a variety of emotions, going from looking terribly worried and anxious to wearing the brightest smile in a scene that evokes the soft and warm feelings of a first love. In yet another photo, she stares intently at something that is not visible to us, making viewers curious as to what could have possibly caught her attention. Her doe-eyed gaze and pinned-up hair just reinforce her image as an innocent girl from the countryside, and viewers can’t help but wonder just how her story will unfold.


“You, Whom I Met By Chance” will premiere in January 2023.

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