Serenade of Peaceful Joy (2020)

Serenade Of Peaceful Joy Poster
Serenade Of Peaceful Joy Poster
Drama Info:

Title: Serenade Of Peaceful Joy (清平乐) Qing Ping Le
Episodes: 70
Release Date: April 7, 2020
Film Location: Hengdian, Wuxi
Summary: The drama is adapted from Lady Milan’s novel “The Lonely City”, and is set during the Northern Song Dynasty. The drama focuses on the turbulent events of Northern Song and the relationships within the palace, showcasing a complicated but real Song Ren Zong.

Plot Synoposis Serenade Of Peaceful Joy :

Emperor Zhao Zhen, Song Ren Zong, of the Northern Song Dynasty learns that the empress dowager Liu E, who raised him, was not in fact his biological mother. Upon learning that his biological mother was Li Lan Hui, his maidservant, he felt immense guilt.

In order to repay the Li family, Zhao Zhen marries his favourite daughter Hui Rou to the Li family’s descendant Li Wei.

In the court, the Qingli new minister and the old-school ministers face off against each other, and political power struggles occured. Zhao Zhen governs the country like a scale, weighing the forces of all parties, and deliberates carefully for national affairs.

Inside the palace, Hui Rou establishes a deep relationship with inner servant Huai Ji who grew up with her. She rejects the disinterested and mediocre Li Wei, and has conflict with his wife’s family. Hui Rou goes against her father’s rules, causing an uproar both within and out of the palace.

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Zhao Zhen’s cared for his entire life to “speak smoothly” and “supervise the monarch”. Yet he struggles between his love for his daughter and governing the country fairly and justly.

In the end, the princess fights for her fate and never succumbs to becoming Li Wei’s wife, but she never gets to meet Huai Ji again as well.

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Cast & Characters:
Wang Kai
Wang Kai

Wang Kai 王凯 as Song Ren Zong 宋仁宗
The fourth emperor of the Song Dynasty, Zhao Zhen. He admits that he is not extravagant and does not indulge in his desires. The only confrontation with his ministers is for his beloved daughter.

Jiang Shu Ying
Jiang Shu Ying

Jiang Shu Ying 江疏影 as Empress Cao 曹皇后
Song Ren Zong’s empress, she came from a good family background. In the harem she is the emperor’s virtuous internal help, in the country is the perfect mother. Only when facing her husband, there is always a gap, and she can’t completely give herself to Zhao Zhen, which eventually becomes her deepest regret.

Ren Min
Ren Min

Ren Min 任敏 as Zhao Hui Rou 赵徽柔
The most beloved daughter of Ren Zong, she is beautiful and kind, but she also has a fortitude that is not subservient to the world. She is a pearl of the empire and is nourished by the world, but struggles to be understood by those around her.

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Yang Le
Yang Le

Yang Le 杨玏 as Han Qi 韩琦
A prime minister and writer of the Northern Song Dynasty, he is devoted to his duties, diligent in loving the people, and dedicates his life for the people. He is regarded in a prestigious manner both in the military and in the eyes of the people.

Bian Cheng
Bian Cheng

Bian Cheng 边程 as Liang Huai Ji 梁怀吉
The minister in the Northern Song Dynasty, who serves at the side of the princess since her childhood. He is peaceful and elegant, very talented, capable of painting and writing, and has an extraordinary literary temperament.

Ye Zu Xin
Ye Zu Xin

Ye Zu Xin 叶祖新 as Zhang Mao Ze 张茂则
A low-key eunuch manager, he helps rescue Liang Huai Ji, and has great admiration for Empress Cao.

Drama Posters:
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Serenade Of Peaceful Joy Still 3
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Father & Daughter in Serenade Of Peaceful Joy Still 5
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Serenade Of Peaceful Joy Still 6
Airing Schedule

Start: April 8, 2020
Frequency: 2 episodes every Monday to Friday, 1 episode Saturday and Sunday
End: May 18, 2020

Serenade Of Peaceful Joy Airing Calendar
Serenade Of Peaceful Joy Airing Calendar
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