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She-Hulk Series Easter Egg Suggests The Return Of Jessica Jones

Before the release of She-Hulk, many fans thought that they will get to see the return of Jessica Jones. But unfortunately, it didn’t happen and Krysten Ritter wasn’t a part of the series. Instead, the series brought back another much-awaited street superhero to team up with Tatiana Maslany’s She-Hulk.

It was none other than Charlie Cox’s Daredevil. The chemistry between Daredevil & She-Hulk was seen in the series. Charlie Cox will also return in his upcoming stand-alone series named “Daredevil: Born Again.” As of now, there are no reports or leaks about Jessica Jones’s return to the MCU.

A few months back, Disney+ changed Jessica Jones’s Title card on its platform. This happened when the whole defender series was shifted from Netflix to Disney+. The title card of the series then became ” Marvel’s A.K.A Jessica Jones.” Even though, Jessica Jones wasn’t a part of She-Hulk. An Easter egg in the series was noticed by the fans, which hinted towards the street superhero. Let’s have a look at what it is.

Jessica Jones Easter Egg In She-Hulk?

A video posted by a TikTok user named @4thelore pointed out a scene from She-hulk where there was a Jessica Jones reference. The scene is when Jennifer Walters is looking at her phone and her contact list is visible. There are various names mentioned in her contact list including “Jessica”.

Even though the surname “Jones” ain’t mentioned, it could be a reference to the Defender superhero. As there were a lot of rumors about Krysten Ritter’s return back then. Because the series storyline was around the “law firm”. That’s why fans thought Jessica could have a cameo. Because she is too a private investigator and her work also includes things related to the law and solving cases.


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