She-Hulk Should Be In Marvel’s Fantastic Four Reboot. Here’s Why

Marvel Cinematic Universe is moving to an exciting and surprising place in the coming years with new ventures releasing on Disney+ as well as in theatres. They are bringing to life every character loved by fans. One of these was Fantastic Four, which had several remakes by other studios but never stood out.

But now the studios are bringing back their first family without revealing much about it. We have no information regarding the upcoming reboot, especially the four cast members. Fans have been discussing which actor would be the best for these roles. But we do know the movie will eventually turn into reality than just a mere debate on social media.

The movie will be directed by WandaVision’s Matt Shakman while Jeff Kaplan and Ian Springer are set to be the writers. We are not aware of how the Fantastic Four will end up having a connection to the MCU but fans have one theory. They want She-Hulk aka Jennifer Walters to be a part of the movie.

She-Hulk was never an original member of the Fantastic Four but she is always tied up with them. This began in 1984’s Fantastic Four #265 when Jen joined the superheroes after Secret Wars. This came after Ben Grimm aka The Thing had to temporarily leave as he decided to stay back on Battleworld.

She-Hulk was part of the Fantastic Four for 35 issues and this did change the character a lot. The character was in her Hulk form temporarily because of radiation exposure. This brought to her some lifelong allies in the form of her team. Ever since then, she appeared with the Fantastic Four now and then.


Will She-Hulk Make A Cameo In Fantastic Four?

But she has remained like the team’s family as Reed and Sue’s kids also call her aunt. Clearly, there is a lot of potential for the Fantastic Four movie and She-Hulk might not be able to be part of the team in the first movie, but she can make her appearance. She can be a part of the movie as a supporting character for sure.

Naturally, there will be plenty of excuses to have She-Hulk and the Fantastic Four barge into each other; as she is both the lawyer for superheroes as well as a new superhero. Jen might be doing her thing when she bumps into Sue Storm, who has been a close friend of hers. She could even run into The Thing as per comics they have teamed up accidentally.

Fans even went as far as to expect a cameo from The Thing in She-Hulk. But this might not happen as of yet. However, if Jen becomes their lawyer, it would be perfect. Matt Murdoch’s Daredevil made its cameo in Spider-Man: No Way Home which sets a bar for what a legal cameo could look like.

One thing is for sure that the movie of Fantastic Four will answer all our questions and give us more doubts as well. We will only know when the movie premieres where the superheroes have been for the past 15+ years.

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