Shiny Luvdisc Pokemon Go, How To Get A Shiny Luvdisc In Pokemon Go?

Shiny Luvdisc

Shiny Luvdisc is a unique type of Pokemon that may be found in the Pokemon Go game. It’s a water-type pokemon with a heart-shaped body that looks like a fish. If players catch a Luvdisc in Pokemon Go during spotlight hours, they will receive double XP. Players may get a chance to grab shiny luvdisc when catching luvdisc. The more they capture, the more excellent possibilities players can find a shiny luvdisc in-game. Shiny Luvdisc is a new Pokemon with a yellow hue and a shiny appearance, rather than the pink color of Luvdisc. Read below to find out Shiny Luvdisc Stats.

Shiny Luvdisc Stats

National No. 370
Species Rendezvous Pokémon
Height 0.6 m (2′00″)
Weight 8.7 kg (19.2 lbs)
Abilities 1. Swift Swim, Hydration (hidden ability)

Can Luvdisc Be Shiny In Pokémon Go?

Yes, During the Spotlight Hour event in Pokemon Go, there will be a shiny Luvdisc. When it pertains to catching a Pokemon during the Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour event, we usually think about shiny Pokemon. During the Spotlight Hour event, Niantic typically features shiny Pokemon, as it does most of the time. When it pertains to catching a shiny Pokemon, there is no manner or trick you can utilize in the game to catch a shiny Pokemon. In Pokemon Go, there is no special incense that can be used to attract shiny Pokemon. Read below to find out about Shiny Luvdisc Pokemon Go.

Shiny Luvdisc Pokemon Go

On the 16th of February, 2022,  the game’s developers had added a new one-hour event dubbed spotlight hour, which is a little bit related to Valentine’s Day. Players may have a chance to capture a Shiny Luvdisc in Pokemon Go during this event. Luvdisc and shiny Luvdisc have no evolutions, and third-generation has none. It will also have 53 HP, 37 Attacks, 68 Defense, 50 Special Attacks, 81 Special Attacks, and 121 Speed Capacity Power. On the 23rd of February 2022, another spotlight event will occur in the game. And Pikachu will be the star of the show, with the opportunity to win double the sweets after catching the Pokemon. Read below to find out. 

How To Get A Shiny Luvdisc In Pokemon Go?

As with any Spotlight Hour where the main target Pokémon is Shiny-capable, this may draw significant interest from Shiny hunters who have yet to catch this one. There is no way to increase your Shiny luck, but there are ways to extend the quantity of Luvdisc you’ll encounter during the hour. 

Here are our tips:

  • Use the fast catch method! We have a piece of writing explaining this method in-depth, so make sure to read abreast of it and apply this easy-to-learn trick that permits you to skip the catch animation, cutting the catch process right down to a fraction of the usual time.

  • Central areas thick with Pokéstops like downtown locations or parks are great for when you’re walking, and shopping centers are perfect for those playing within the car, thanks to the number of spawns you’ll access. 

  • Spotlight Hour activates spawn points generally not used in Pokémon GO, so you’ll expect to ascertain quite normal. If you are driving, make sure not to play while operating the car. Drive to a parking spot, park, check/catch the various, many, many Luvdisc around you.

  • The bonus for the hour is double catch XP, so make sure to truly catch the Luvdisc instead of Shiny checking and moving on. this may be great for those looking to level up who have yet to earn enough XP.


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