Siddiqui Family Gogglebox Dad Missing, Where is Siddiqui Dad on Gogglebox?


The Siddiqui Family

The Siddiqui family, regulars on Channel 4’s Gogglebox, consists of dad Sid and his sons Baasit and Umar, with occasional appearances by son Raza. Based in Derby, the family patriarch, Sid, devoted 37 years to the NHS before finding unexpected fame on Gogglebox after his retirement. Known for his infectious laughter, Sid is a true family man, having been married for nearly 40 years and raising two daughters along with his three sons.

Baasit, an IT teacher, garners admiration from his students who are avid fans of the show. Notably, he is also an enthusiastic runner, completing the London Marathon twice while live streaming and raising funds for charity. Umar, a Biomedical Microbiologist at The Royal Derby Hospital, balances his healthcare career with a passion for electronic music.

The Siddiquis, like other Gogglebox families, receive a payment of £1,500 for their participation, with filming occurring over two six-hour shifts each week. Maintaining a strong online presence, the family shares moments on their group Instagram account and individual Twitter profiles. Despite their newfound fame, the Siddiquis continue to entertain Gogglebox viewers with their humorous and insightful commentary on Friday nights from 9 pm to 10 pm on Channel 4.

Siddiqui Family Gogglebox Dad Missing

The Siddiqui family, known for their appearances on Channel 4’s Gogglebox, left fans puzzled as the father, Sid Siddiqui, was noticeably absent from the latest episode that aired on November 10. Viewers took to social media expressing their concern and curiosity about his whereabouts.

However, the Siddiqui sons, Baasit, Raza, and Umar, seemed to have a playful response to their father’s absence. During the episode, they jokingly suggested that their dad might be off on a secret mission, comparing him to a character in a TV crime drama they were watching called “Culprits.” In a light-hearted manner, one of the brothers remarked, “Where is dad anyway?” while they all shared a laugh.

Fans at home seemed to enjoy the humorous take on Sid’s absence, with some joining in on the playful speculation. One fan on social media jokingly suggested, “Now we know, Siddiqui snr is off on a secret mission.”





“Gogglebox” is a British reality television series that first premiered on March 7, 2013, and is currently airing on Channel 4. Created by Stephen Lambert, Tania Alexander, and Tim Harcourt, the show captures the reactions and observations of various families and groups of friends across the United Kingdom as they watch and comment on television programs from the previous week in the comfort of their own homes. The series, which initially had a 50-minute runtime for its first two seasons and later extended to 60 minutes from the third season onwards, is produced by Studio Lambert.

The show features dual cameras to capture the authentic and unscripted reactions of the participants. Caroline Aherne served as the narrator from the show’s launch until her passing in July 2016, after which Craig Cash took over the narration.

“Gogglebox” has achieved significant success, winning awards such as BAFTA in the Reality & Constructed Factual category in 2014 and 2022, as well as National Television Awards from 2015 to 2018 and in 2021, 2022, and 2023. The series has also inspired spin-offs, including “Gogglesprogs” featuring children, “Vlogglebox” featuring 16 to 24-year-olds watching online content, and “Celebrity Gogglebox” featuring well-known personalities.

Gogglebox Cast

Cast members


Siddiqui family (Sid, Umar, Bassit and Raza)


Malone family (Tom, Julie, and Shaun)


Jenny Newby and Lee Riley


Giles Wood and Mary Killen


Ellie and Izzi Warner


David and Shirley Griffiths


Plummer family (Tremaine, Twaine and Tristan)


Amira Rota



Amani Rota


Worthington family (Alison, George and Helena)


Pete and Sophie Sandiford


Abbie Lynn and Georgia Bell


Sue and Steve Sheehan


Simon and Jane Minty


Ronnie and Annie


Roisin Kelly and Joe Kyle


Danielle and Daniella


Elaine and Seb


Where is Siddiqui Dad on Gogglebox?

Fans of Gogglebox were left puzzled as Siddiqui Dad was noticeably missing from the November 10 episode. Viewers expressed concern on social media, questioning his absence. The Siddiqui sons, Baasit, Raza, and Umar, lightened the situation by playfully suggesting he might be on a secret mission, akin to a TV crime drama they were watching. The family’s humorous take on Sid’s whereabouts resonated with fans, with one jokingly speculating, “Now we know, Siddiqui snr is off on a secret mission.” Despite the brief absence, the Siddiqui family remains a cherished presence on Gogglebox, offering their witty commentary on TV shows.

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