Single Drunk Female Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Look Me Up Sometime

Boundaries are so important when someone is in recovery.

However, no one showed any good use of boundaries on Single Drunk Female Season 1 Episode 6.

“Look Me Up Sometime” showed the cracks and issues in Sam’s and Carol’s relationship, as well as Sam’s quirks with boundaries.

Sam struggled with the appropriate boundaries as well.

It was inappropriate for her to approach her old boss, Nathaniel, at a tailgate party and start chatting it up.

As soon as she saw he was uncomfortable, she should have moved on, but she kept apologizing and talking.

Are you though? I endured pirate jokes every day for a month.


While it may have worked in her favor since Nathaniel offered her a job opportunity, it was not the correct way to make amends and approach him.

Apparently, a month has passed, and Sam and James acted like they were old friends again.

 They seemed close enough that Sam asked James to take a road trip with her to New York.

This seemed like a bad idea for so many reasons. Had they re-defined their relationship? What happened to Chloe?

Hopefully, she wasn’t used just to make James jealous. We wanted some actual development for Sam.

James: I don’t think a trip together is a good idea. Is it a friend thing? Is it a romantic thing?
Sam: It’s a bagel thing.

Sam tried to convince herself that she wasn’t nervous, but she wasn’t fooling anyone but herself. Both James and Felicia saw through the facade.

Sam missed taking shots to loosen up before even opening up her laptop.

Sam needed personal development, but this seemed like the weakest episode of the series so far. It lacked humor.

There was nothing remotely funny about Sam losing it on a demanding customer.

We’ve all dealt with demanding customers in retail, and that guy was a jerk, implying that it was Sam’s fault his hundred-dollar bill wouldn’t ring up.

However, as much as we hate the saying — the customer is always right.

Sam had no right to go off on him just because she was having a bad day.

Fortunately, Mindy saved the day and calmed her down enough to function.

Before we move on to Carol and Sam, let’s discuss that Brit also needed to work on her boundaries.

While Brit and Sam’s relationship experienced a thaw, it doesn’t mean Sam wanted to go to her ex-boyfriend’s wedding.

Sam looked so uncomfortable when Brit invited her to the wedding, and Brit wanted to celebrate and hug it out.

Brit needed to learn how to read the room better because their relationship hadn’t gotten there yet.

Sadly, the only time Carol and Sam got along was when Bob was around to act as a buffer. They managed to go to a tailgate party together.

He might be annoying, but he knew when to reel Carol back in and act laid back around Sam.

When it was just the two of them, Carol constantly overstepped her boundaries by stating how Sam shouldn’t work in New York again.

Carol: Samantha, you’re a writer. Didn’t New York and Bzzz make you want to drink?
Sam: There are lots of things that make me want to drink, Mom.

In some ways, Carol might be trying to be protective, but it came across as overbearing since she was always in Sam’s face.

Carol overstepped more boundaries by talking to Sam’s sponsor. Olivia thought Sam was in trouble since Carol was so distraught.

It was unthinkable that Carol wanted Olivia to stop Sam from going to New York. That isn’t the job of an AA sponsor.

Olivia’s job is to provide resources to keep Sam sober.

Carol is Sam’s mother, so it’s her responsibility to discuss her fears about Sam having a setback.

The problem is Carol and Sam don’t have honest conversations. They either taunt each other, or they start yelling.

Carol had no idea how to communicate that she was actually worried about her daughter.

It was sweet and awkward when Carol asked Sam how her day was.

Carol actually tried to be a loving mom when she offered to hold Sam’s hand in support if she attended Brit’s wedding. Sam seemed surprised and thanked her mom, but she had no interest in going to the wedding.

That warm and fuzzy feeling didn’t last because Carol soon overstepped her boundaries by trying to look at Sam’s laptop, even though Sam repeatedly asked for privacy.

Sam: I haven’t written anything yet.
Carol: Why not?
Sam: I can’t write unless I’m drunk, I guess.

Sm hated that she made so much progress in her life but still couldn’t write anything without alcohol.

Carol and Sam made a little progress since her mom encouraged her to keep writing until she got something.

It was heartwarming that Carol offered to bring her dinner while she worked. It was one of the first times we saw her act motherly towards Sam. They have a ways to go, but progress was finally made.

That closing scene was heartwarming but worrisome. Sam was finally able to write as James laid his head on her shoulder. Has Sam become too dependent on James, or are they just good friends helping each other out?

Over to you, Single Drunk Female Fanatics. Do you think anyone has boundaries on this show? What do you think will happen between James and Sam in New York?

Will Sam be able to write again without the alcohol? Chime in below in the comments.

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