Single On Valentine’s Day? You’re Not Alone – These 7 K-Pop Idols Claim To Have Never Dated Before

Valentine’s Day can be a sad day for many single people. While some folks are happy living the single life, others understandably long for the closeness of a romantic relationship, making this day of love seem like an insult. Some might feel a little comforted, however, to learn that there are a number of K-Pop idols who have admitted that they’ve never dated before! When even gorgeous and talented idols have a hard time finding a partner, it can help you feel a bit better about your own singleness. Here are 7 K-Pop idols who have claimed that they’ve always been single!


It may be hard to believe that any of the beautiful ladies of BLACKPINK have been single their whole lives, but this is apparently the case for Rosé! She revealed on an episode of Party People that she hasn’t had the opportunity to date before, and it’s likely because she became a trainee at fifteen and, since YG Entertainment has a strict no-dating policy, it just wasn’t something she was able to pursue.

2. B.I


B.I is also a former YG Entertainment idol, so that might have played a part in why he hasn’t had the chance to date! He once introduced himself on a show as someone who has been single for 20 years, and when the cast of the show expressed their doubt, he insisted that it was true, and that he has never even kissed anyone before.


3. Daehwi (AB6IX)

Admitted to never dating on variety shows seems to be a trend for some idols, and it’s the case for Daehwi too! While on the show Amazing Saturday-DoReMi Market, he confessed to never dating before. He seemed sad about the fact, but also expressed his hope to be a great boyfriend when he has the opportunity.

4. Kei (former Lovelyz)

Another K-Pop idol who seems to have had their dating chances limited due to beginning their training at a young age, Kei spoke out on a talk show about never dating before. She said that she has also never had anyone ask her out before, which is ridiculous considering how adorable she is!

5. Chungha

Beautiful Chungha is yet another idol who seems like she would have countless opportunities to go on dates, but never actually has. Once during an interview, she shared that the closest she ever got to dating was texting a guy for a month, but sadly, nothing ended up coming from it.

6. Minhyun (NU’EST)

Minhyun is known for how handsome he is, so it might come as a shock that this idol hasn’t dated before! He has said that he did message back and forth with a girl online a lot in middle school, but that was the closest he came to a relationship. In fact, he even said that the first time he had skinship with girls was at fansigns!

7. Somi

Though Somi is another idol who has said she’s never been in a relationship, it sounds like if she has her way, that won’t remain the case for long! In fact, she said on an episode of Don’t Be Jealous that she has a bucket list that she wants to complete with someone who she’s in a relationship with.

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