“Single’s Inferno” Contestant Kim Jun Sik Spills His Real Thoughts About His Lack Of Screen Time

Although Netflix‘s new series Single’s Inferno was full of huge characters, many netizens criticized the unfairness of the show. From the very beginning, it seemed clear that the show had favorites and would prioritize giving some contestants more screen time than others.

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Kim Jun Sik was one of those people that netizens couldn’t get enough of, but they hated that he was massively mistreated.

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After he arrived on the island, he gained attention for his gentleman-like attitude and admiration for his fellow contestant, who fans also thought deserved more, An Yea Won.

Throughout the series, the duo got the nickname of being “unproblematic,” ensuring that they were there for the others and tried to be nothing but positive throughout. Even when Yea Won almost pretended not to pick Jun Sik, it was more because of their playful friendship.


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Recently, Jun Sik appeared in a video with contestant Oh Jin Taek to talk about everything that happened on the show, from their experiences and first impressions of each other.

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After Jin Taek explained that he thinks of Jun Sik in a special way out of all the contestants, he asked a question that he added he was “bummed” about. He asked Jun Sik, “Aren’t you sad about the short (lack of) exposure?

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Surprisingly, Jun Sik seemed to have an extremely positive and realistic view of everything that happened. It seemed inevitable to him that someone would get the short end of the stick.

I’m not disappointed at all. There might be a person at the center of the topic. As a result, the show turned out to be so much fun. So, I’m totally okay with that.

— Kim Jun Sik

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After sharing his own thoughts on the issue, Jin Taek explained that even though Jun Sik wasn’t on screen enough, the show would’ve been completely different without him. He even used a good ol’ metaphor to explain just how much Jun Sik meant to the contestants.

The importance of rice can only be known when the side dishes are salty. No one could say who was rice and who was side dishes. I thought that the overall program went well because we were all there.

— Oh Jin Taek

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| 진택이형/ YouTube

Yet, Jun Sik and Jin Taek aren’t the only ones to speak up about the lack of screen time. Yea Won also shared her thoughts on the reasons why it happened and how she felt. Like Jun Sik, she didn’t seem too bothered, but it obviously impacted her.

 I don’t really talk about dating, and that’s why I didn’t really talk a lot about dating with Jun Sik. That’s also why I didn’t have a lot of scenes in the show. What a bummer.

— An Yea Won

Cha Hyun Seung (left) and Yea Won (right) | An Yea Won/ YouTube

Luckily, despite the lack of screen time for both contestants, netizens haven’t been able to get enough. They have become the true OTP (even if they aren’t together).

Through their social media and YouTube content, Jun Sik and Yea Won continue to gain love and admiration far beyond even those who had more screen time.

| @juncore_/ Instagram

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Hopefully, now the show has ended, they can share what the cameras didn’t catch during the show. You can read more about the duo below.

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