“Single’s Inferno” Moon Se Hoon Spills The Tea On Current Status Of His Relationship With Shin Ji Yeon

Netflix‘s new show Single’s Inferno took over the world when it started airing at the end of last year. Viewers worldwide couldn’t get enough of the Korean reality show that tried to help attractive contestants fall in love. It was a dramatic journey for many, and netizens loved being along for the ride.

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One couple that fans had mixed feelings for during the show, but have now been rooting for, is Moon Se Hoon and Shin Ji Yeon. The duo had a huge rollercoaster journey throughout the series.

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The two initially hit it off before Ji Yeon seemed to cool off on Se Hoon. Se Hoon gained a lot of criticism for his apparent “obsessive” behavior as he kept trying to pursue Ji Yeon to the point where viewers felt uncomfortable.

In the final episodes, the two seemed to get closer again as they were honest about their feelings and found that they had more in common than expected.


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Recently, netizens believed that Se Hoon indirectly confirmed his current relationship status with Ji Yeon in an interview

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However, it seems as if that might not have been the case. Se Hoon recently held a live broadcast for fans where he answered questions about the show and what he’s been doing lately.

In particular, as expected, he shared that many fans and viewers wanted to know the current status of his relationship with Ji Yeon, and these questions flooded the broadcast’s comments.

Everyone seems to be very curious, and I did expect it a little. Right now, there are a lot of comments asking about Jiyeon.

— Moon Se Hoon

| @Baekhyuneesyoja/ Twitter 

Unlike many other contestants, Se Hoon took this time to address the issue directly and explain what is happening between them. At first, it seemed positive as Se Hoon explained that the duo had met up since the show finished.

I’m on very good terms with Jiyeon. We contact each other sometimes and eat together.

— Moon Se Hoon

| @Baekhyuneesyoja/ Twitter 

Like other contestants have shared before, their lives outside the confinement of the island are much different. Se Hoon is still currently running his restaurant, and Ji Yeon has returned to her studies.

Se Hoon admitted that meeting up as often as he would’ve liked with such hectic schedules was difficult.

These days, both Ji Yeon and I are very busy. Ji Yeon has also recently started her YouTube channel. And she already has her studies. As far as I know, she is preparing to go to graduate school. I’m also busy with my work and business. We don’t meet often.

— Moon Se Hoon

| @Baekhyuneesyoja/ Twitter 

Of course, this seemed to already push away any ideas that the two were still dating and Se Hoon understood that he needed to be clearer about what was really happening.

Knowing that netizens would want to know everything, he explained that he and Ji Yeon are on good terms, but it’s more complicated than that.

And this is completely my perspective on it and Jiyeon might feel differently about it. But it’s like, well, for now, I don’t think I can really define our relationship yet.

— Moon Se Hoon

| @Baekhyuneesyoja/ Twitter 

He then explained that with this idea, neither he nor Ji Yeon wanted to put an exact label on anything that was happening between them. Not only were their lives so busy that it made “dating” hard, but he was aware of Ji Yeon’s feelings about these questions.

Like, there isn’t much I can say about us because it’s not something that I can put a label on. And so, just generally, I am a bit aware, quite conscious [to say anything] about it.

— Moon Se Hoon

| @Baekhyuneesyoja/ Twitter 

When Se Hoon finished the broadcast, although he wasn’t clear to deny that they were dating, fans believed he alluded to it. In particular, they brought back the clip of contestant An Yea Won revealing that she and Kim Jun Sik were remaining friends because of their busy schedules. 

The situation wasn’t like where I could meet him after my work and stuff. We did meet up a few times and kept each other updated, so we decided to stay good friends.

— An Yea Won

| An Yea Won/ YouTube

Recent posts cement that the two are on good terms despite this. Ji Yeon recently kept her promise to Se Hoon by visiting his restaurant after fellow contestant Cha Hyun Seung tagged her and contestant Seong Min Ji in his story on Instagram.

| @__1126.1/Instagram

The harsh realities of the real world away from the seclusion of the island have taken their toll. Before the show, they all had their own lives in different cities and were doing other things. Now they’re expected to hold a new burden from the show but carry on working.

You can read more about Se Hoon’s feelings towards Ji Yeon below.

Netizens Believe “Single’s Inferno” Contestant Se Hoon Just Confirmed He’s Still Dating Ji Yeon

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