“Single’s Inferno” Stars Cha Hyun Seung And Moon Se Hoon Celebrate Valentine’s Day Together By Returning To Paradise

Many of us tuned into Netflix‘s Korean reality dating show Single’s Inferno in the belief that singles would find their one true love…

And in some ways, that did happen, just not in ways we expected…

While not every contestant left the island as a couple, many made long-lasting friendships. Best yet, many of the men formed bromances with each other.

From left: Cha Hyun Seung, Oh Jin Taek, Choi Si Hun, Kim Hyun Joong, Moon Se Hoon, and Kim Jun Sik. | @juncore_/Instagram


Although netizens suspect that Moon Se Hoon and Shin Ji Yeon are still dating months later, he didn’t spend Valentine’s Day with her.


Moon Se Hoon (left) and Shin Ji Yeon (right). | Netflix

Instead, he spent it with one of his male co-stars, K-Pop backup dancer Cha Hyun Seung.

Cha Hyun Seung | Netflix

Not only did the two spend Valentine’s Day together, but they returned to Paradise City Hotel & Resort, the “Paradise” location as seen in Single’s Inferno.

| @moonofsh/Instagram

Se Hoon shared some photos and videos from the location to his Instagram Stories.

| @moonofsh/Instagram

He returned to the same location he previously visited during the show as there was a pool outside the room he was staying!

| @moonofsh/Instagram

Just as he did before, he clearly was having the best time! He loves swimming.

| @moonofsh/Instagram

Additionally, Se Hoon shared two posts to his feed at the resort…

It was very much giving “boyfriend vibes,” perfect for the love-filled holiday.

Followers were curious, though, who went with, especially considering some of the photos were clearly taken by someone else. Some suggested it was Ji Yeon…

| @moonofsh/Instagram

| @moonofsh/Instagram

Still, Se Hoon was leaving it to everyone’s imagination. Yet, the one he was with revealed it on their Instagram account.

Cha Hyun Seung shared two Boomerangs to his Instagram Stories in the pool with Se Hoon.

| @502bright/Instagram

Not only that, but Hyun Seung also held a live broadcast with Se Hoon! The two were sitting in the living room as Se Hoon was dressed in a bathrobe (presumably after swimming), and Hyun Seung explained that he was there after a schedule. They wished viewers a “Happy Valentine’s Day” and even posed for “capture time!”

| @502bright/Instagram

While they’re clearly great friends, fans of the two can’t deny that it’s funny the two ended up spending Valentine’s together, considering Hyun Seung confessed that his first impression of Se Hoon was that he thought Se Hoon was in love with him.

I was getting ready after I chose the yachting activity and that’s when Se Hoon came up to me and greeted me. He kept saying he was happy to see me. I thought, ‘Is he in love with me?’

— Cha Hyun Seung

Since then, the two really became good friends. Hyun Seung even visited Se Hoon’s restaurant with Kim Jun Sik.

From left: Moon Se Hoon, Kim Jun Sik, and Cha Hyun Seung | @juncore_Instagram

Hyun Seung and Se Hoon are not the only co-stars who spent a special holiday together. Recently, Choi Si Hun and Kim Jun Sik celebrated Lunar New Year. Read more below:

“Single’s Inferno” Stars Choi Si Hun And Kim Jun Sik Celebrate Lunar New Year Together

Source: @moonofsh and @502bright

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