Sir Anthony Ritossa Weighs In On What’s Ahead for Family Offices in 2023

As the family office space continues to evolve and thrive, today’s substantial families are expected to become increasingly focused on philanthropy and on achieving meaningful returns from their investments. By 2023, family offices will be more actively involved in managing their portfolios than ever before, and looking for new ways to diversify and generate income in a world where geopolitical uncertainty reigns. 

Family offices are likely to continue to focus on long-term investing as they seek to maximize returns while minimizing risk. Discussions at the Ritossa Global Family Office Investment Summit revealed an increased emphasis on alternative investments such as private equity, hedge funds, real estate, and venture capital. 

In addition, family offices will likely continue to explore new opportunities for philanthropy beyond traditional giving models. As family wealth increases, so too does the potential for family offices to support nonprofit organizations, social enterprises, and impact investing. Topics related to carbon credits, climate change, and sustainability are top of mind.

As family offices continue to become more tech-savvy, they will be better able to identify technologies that can streamline and improve their processes. Automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence are expected to play an even bigger role in family office operations by 2023; this could include anything from automating portfolio management to utilizing AI for predictive analytics. 

These changes should help family offices stay competitive while still allowing them to remain focused on family values and long-term goals. As we enter a new era of family office management, family offices must continue to adapt and evolve with the ever-changing landscape to remain successful.  By 2023, family offices will have embraced these trends and adapted their strategies accordingly.  The family office of 2023 will be well-positioned to create meaningful wealth and make a positive impact on their communities. 


With these key considerations in mind, family offices will be well-prepared for what lies ahead in 2023 and beyond. 

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