Skyrim’s Nords Are Really The Largest Jerks In Tamrielic Historical past

The Nords of Skyrim are accountable for genocide, imperial conquest, and brutal wars, and that is mirrored all through the Dragonborn’s journey.

The Elder Scrolls collection accommodates a number of millennia’ value of backstory, informed by sidequests and in-game books, and particularly fascinating is the historical past of Skyrim and its folks, the Nords, who’re most prominently featured in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Historical past within the Elder Scrolls collection is usually sophisticated and contradictory, stemming from dozens of various authors. Nonetheless, when trying over the historical past of Tamriel as an entire, a theme begins to emerge: the Nords are principally terrible.

People within the Elder Scrolls collection originated on the frozen northern continent Atmora. Over the centuries, a number of teams of people traveled from Atmora to Tamriel, a continent dominated over by varied teams of Elves. Early settlers of Excessive Rock, Hammerfell, and Cyrodiil managed to seek out peace with the Elf-types of The Elder Scrolls, establishing and rising their new nations. The early settlers of Skyrim, led by the warrior Ysgramor, as a substitute went to struggle with Skyrim’s native Snow Elves.


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After years of stress and strife, the Snow Elves attacked the Nordic settlement Saarthal, razing it to the bottom and killing everybody however Ysgramor and his sons. This brutal act led to much more violent actions by the Nords. Ysgramor fled to Atmora, returning with a 500-man-strong military and slaughtering the Snow Elves. Ysgramor’s companions unfold over the nation, systematically exterminating the Snow Elves till none remained. In fashionable Skyrim, the one remnants of the Snow Elves are the Falmer, twisted monsters that stay within the caves beneath Skyrim, and a pair of Snow Elf brothers who seem in Skyrim‘s Dawnguard enlargement.

Skyrim’s Nords Created Tamriel’s Empires

The conquests of Skyrim’s Excessive Kings continued after the nation was reclaimed from the Snow Elves. After encountering the half-elf Bretons of the Attain, the Nords attacked in disgust. The Nords invaded Excessive Rock in a self-described try to liberate it from elven management. Within the following years, these wars unfold to Morrowind and elements of Cyrodill, conquering them beneath the flag of the Nordic Empire. This preliminary empire collapsed throughout a succession disaster.

Throughout Tamriel’s Second Period, a Nordic common named Hjalti Early-Beard labored to reforge the previous empire. The folks of Skyrim initially fought in opposition to Hjalti’s imperial conquest, however joined him after witnessing the power of his Thu’um. With assistance from the Nords, Hjalti conquered Cyrodiil and gave himself a brand new title, Tiber Septim, starting The Elder Scrolls‘ Septim Dynasty. Within the following years, Septim would conquer the remainder of Skyrim, in addition to Excessive Rock, Black Marsh, and Hammerfall, forging the Third Empire. Septim later ascended to godhood, turning into the deity of struggle and governance, Talos.

Fashionable Skyrim Is Stuffed With Jerks

In the course of the Fourth Period, proven in Skyrim, the Nords are locked in a violent civil struggle, spurred on by legal guidelines outlawing the worship of Talos. On one facet, Nords ally themselves with the Empire, imposing these restrictive legal guidelines. On the opposite, a band of Nordic rebels led by Ulfrick Stormcloak fights for independence. Sadly, whereas the Stormcloaks’ targets are considerably admirable, lots of the Stormcolaks encountered all through the sport are violent, racist, hyper-nationalists motivated simply as a lot by a want to show Skyrim into an ethnostate as they’re to guard Talos worship in Skyrim from the Thalmor. The Stormcloak capital Windhelm is closely segregated and drunken racists roam the streets, discussing their want to commit hate crimes.

Past the Stormcloaks, Skyrim as an entire is obsessive about struggle and power, whereas shunning academia and peace. It’s a kingdom culturally obsessive about custom and the honoring of heroes, despite the monstrous acts these heroes dedicated. Skyrim is a land of warriors – it is no shock that it’s always engaged in struggle.

After all, Skyrim can be crammed with numerous type, pleasant, useful Nords who deal with the participant with respect. Loads of the nation’s residents break the stereotypes. There are some annoying Skyrim NPCs, however, for probably the most half, the folks of Skyrim are good folks. Whereas the nation of Skyrim has its justifiable share of blood in its previous, the identical may be mentioned of each nation in Tamriel. Though The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is crammed with jerks, being a jerk shouldn’t be a trait unique to the folks of Skyrim.

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