SM New Boy Group RIIZE: 7 SEVERE Issues and Controversy that Damage the Kpop Group Reputation

SM Entertainment’s new Kpop boy group RIIZE has recently released its debut title, “Get A Guitar”. Unfortunately, despite all the glory and support the Kpop idols have received, various severe issues and controversy have surrounded RIIZE members, and they might threaten the Kpop group reputation. So, what are the severe issues and controversy involving Kpop group RIIZE and its members? What really happened to the Kpop idols? Check out the following discussion for a more comprehensive report.

New Kpop Group RIIZE Debuts with “Get A Guitar” Amid the Severe Controversy Surrounding Its Members

The new Kpop boy group and SM Entertainment idols RIIZE have been gaining massive attention and support immediately after its first announcement. The fact that RIIZE is the first Kpop group from SM Entertainment after 7 years, and considering all the promising talents of the new idols, RIIZE members became fan favorites even before their official debut.

Today, SM Entertainment new Kpop group RIIZE finally released a new exciting debut single, “Get A Guitar. Presenting their iconic genre of ‘emotional pop’, members of Kpop group RIIZE showcased their stunning vocals and amazing moves in the fun and groovy music.

Unfortunately, all the amazing talents of RIIZE members are not enough to protect the idols reputation.

This is because members of the Kpop group RIIZE have been facing numerous severe issues and controversy. And these controversies may danger their promising future.


All the SEVERE Issues Surrounding the Kpop Idols

Here are all the severe issues and controversy surrounding the Kpop group RIIZE and its members that may damage the idols reputation.


1. RIIZE Sohee’s Controversial Past

The first controversy that immediately emerged after the profile announcement of RIIZE Kpop group was one of its members alarming past photos.

A community post revealed one of RIIZE members Sohee, in his journey of visiting a hunting bar (hunting pocha) in Busan. For the record, hunting pochas are South Korean terms referring to bars and clubs where strangers would meet to hook up.

Along with the photos, it appears that RIIZE member Sohee has been using explicit words in one of his Instagram captions. These issues allegedly reflected the Kpop idols ill-manner nature and problematic past. That is why they become a severe controversy that puts Kpop group RIIZE and its members reputations in danger.

“If it’s this bad, he lacks not only a conscience but also common sense!
When you have dirty past, you should’ve excluded yourself from debuting.”

@im1ohnny on Twitter.

2. Seunghan’s Recent Dating Controversy

The second controversy surrounding Kpop group RIIZE was about the problematic photos belonging to one of its members.

Recently, several photos have been circulating on the internet and social media, showing one of RIIZE members, Seunghan, kissing an unknown woman. These photos immediately attracted massive criticism. That is especially because it involves visiting a hotel/motel and an allegedly underage female partner, which are extremely sensitive issues for Kpop idols and their fans.

That is why fans were enraged, demanding Seunghan to leave the group.

Seunghan’s controversial photos. | Kpoppost
Seunghan’s controversial photos. | Kpoppost

Once the controversy went viral, RIIZE member Seunghan immediately posted an apology statement through the group’s Instagram. Along with the apology, SM Entertainment also vowed to take legal action against the original poster (OP) who had harmed Seunghan’s reputation.

Then, the OP who first made the photos public eventually came out and apologized for the mistake.

The OP admitted to uploading the photos they got from a friend because they wanted the attention. They then revealed that the information was a mistake and Seunghan’s girlfriend was not a minor.

3. Allegations of Plastic Surgery

The next controversy surrounding the RIIZE Kpop group and its members is the plastic surgery allegation.

Plastic surgeries have been a public secret in the Kpop community. Countless Kpop idols have reportedly undergone the procedure to tune up their beauty, matching the existing beauty standard of the Korean music industry.

Not all Kpop idols chose to take this path, of course. However, one of RIIZE members Wonbin has faced suspicions of undergoing the procedure. And the controversy particularly arose after Wonbin’s past photo emerged, showing an entirely different feature from his recent stunning visuals.

Wonbin’s past photos. | Twitter
Wonbin’s past photos. | Twitter

Netizens immediately raise the issue, resulting in another controversy that may damage Kpop group RIIZE and its members reputation.

4. Mediocre Vocal

The next controversy surrounding members of Kpop group RIIZE is the mediocre vocal of its main vocalist Sohee.

During the recent appearance of the Kpop idols in NAVER’s new variety show “NPOP”, RIIZE Sohee boldly covered a prominent ballad, “If It Was Me” by No Yoon Kwon. This song has been long known for its high difficulty. Kpop idols must possess a high level of vocal skills and technique to be able to perform the song successfully.

Once RIIZE Sohee delivered his version of “If It Was Me”, the Korean netizen became disappointed with his mediocre vocal quality. Knowing that Sohee is the main vocalist of RIIZE, showcasing allegedly ordinary vocal skills made the netizens question the quality of RIIZE members.

This controversy has further damaged the reputation of the Kpop idols.

5. The Big Company Privilege and Expensive Brands

More controversy that has tainted the Kpop group RIIZE and its members reputation was the fact that they have secured a place as official models for the brand MUSINSA.

According to many Kpop fans, it only highlights the unfair advantages that Kpop idols from big companies enjoy.

Fans are also concerned and protested that the Kpop idols should have chosen a more affordable brand to represent, especially when they aim to promote to teens and young adults.

6. MORE Dating Controversy

Another dating speculation emerged between RIIZE maknae Anton and the sister of SEVENTEEN Vernon, Sofia Chwee.

Anton and Sofia are known to have attended the same school and built close friendships, especially since they are the same age. The friendship has been a public secret, especially since many photos have displayed Anton and Sofia together. That is why many fans speculated that the two of them might have been dating.

While it may not be an issue today, this dating speculation may become a potential controversy with the growing popularity of RIIZE members.

RIIZE Anton and Sofia. | Twitter
RIIZE Anton and Sofia. | Twitter

7. Mixed Reactions on RIIZE Sungchan’s Recent Gesture

Finally, one of RIIZE members Sungchan has reportedly faced criticism from Japanese fans.

During his interaction with fans in “Show! Music Core” pre-recording on September 2, RIIZE Sungchan expressed his food preference. Initially, he stated that he preferred sushi over pizza. But then, suddenly, RIIZE Sungchan changed his mind, showing a ‘NO’ signal by making an ‘X’ sign with his fingers.

Due to this gesture, a Japanese fan raises allegations of RIIZE Sungchan expressing concerns about the recent growing danger of raw fish consumption. It may not be such an appropriate gesture, especially knowing that a fellow Japanese member Shotaro was right there with him.

This issue becomes another controversy that RIIZE members must face with their growing popularity. Sungchan’s gesture has triggered mixed reactions from the Kpop community. While some fans criticized him for being inconsiderate, others believe Sungchan simply wanted to warn the public about the possible danger of raw fish consumption.

RIIZE Sungchan’s sushi controversy. | TheQoo
RIIZE Sungchan’s sushi controversy. | TheQoo

So, what do you think about all the controversy surrounding Kpop group RIIZE and its members? Do these issues truly pose a significant risk to the reputation of the Kpop idols? Please share your thoughts in the comments. And stay with Kpoppost’s Instagram, Threads, Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram channel for more RIIZE updates.

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