Song Joong-ki’s ‘Bogotá’ to delay filming until next year

Actor Song Joong-ki‘s upcoming film Bogotá has pushed back its filming until 2021, following the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bogotá is crime thriller movie set in the 1990s. It follows the story of the young men who escaped Korea and fled to Bogotá, Colombia as immigrants, settling in the unfamiliar land.

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The production team has already shot a few scenes in the capital city. But due to the current situation in Colombia, they have decided to delay the filming for “the health and safety of the cast and crew.”

The team started filming in January but stopped mid-March when the cast and crew were sent home due to the alarming situation brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. Upon their arrival in Korea, they were advised to undergo a two-week home quarantine.

Earlier this month, rumors of the movie falling through sparked, which the production team strongly denied. “We already finished about 45% of the filming. We will not be canceling the project in its entirety. We will resume next year for sure and release it for the audience,” they said in a statement. They were scheduled to resume filming this summer, but after assessing the situation and the continuous increase of COVID-19 cases, the production decided to postpone their plans until 2021.

Due to the uncertainty of the current global crisis, the team also explained that they felt it is unfair to indefinitely hold the cast’s time and schedule, which also contributed to the postponement of the shooting.

Song is known for his small-screen performances such as his leading role in the 2016 worldwide hit series Descendants of the Sun, where he starred alongside his ex-wife Song Hye-kyo. The said series catapulted his popularity and won him many prestigious awards. He starred in many projects over the course of his career, including The Innocent Man (2012) and Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010). He last starred in the 2019 drama Arthdal Chronicles.

Bogotá is slated as one of Song’s big-screen comebacks in three years, after starring in the historical action film The Battleship Island in 2017. Space Sweepers, his space opera film alongside Mr. Sunshine‘s Kim Tae-ri, is set to hit the theaters this summer.

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