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Songs created by HA:TFELT

Songs created by HA:TFELT

Wonder Girls – The Wonder Years: Trilogy

Album: The Wonder Years: Trilogy
Released: September 22, 2008
Song: “Saying I Love You”
Credits: Writing, Composing

Wonder Girls – Wonder World

Album: Wonder World
Released: November 7, 2011
Songs: “G.N.O”, “Me, In”
Credits: Writing, Composing, Arranging

HA:TFELT (under the name Yeeun) – Dream High 2 OST Part.3

Album: Dream High 2 OST Part.3
Released: February 15, 2012
Song: “Hello To Myself”
Credits: Writing, Composing

Wonder Girls – Wonder Party

Album: Wonder Party
Released: June 3, 2012
Songs: “R.E.A.L”, “Girlfriend”
Credits: Writing, Composing

Sunmi – Full Moon

Album: Full Moon
Released: February 17, 2014
Song: “If That Was You”
Credits: Writing, Composing


Album: Me?
Released: July 31, 2014
Songs: “Iron Girl”, “Truth”, “Ain’t Nobody”, “Bond”, “Wherever Together”, “Peter Pan”, “Nothing Lasts Forever”
Credits: Writing, Composing


HA:TFELT, Joo Hyo – There Must Be

Album: There Must Be
Released: March 9, 2015
Song: “There Must Be”
Credits: Writing, Composing


GIRIBOY – Sexual Perceptions

Album: Sexual Perceptions
Released: March 17, 2015
Song: “Back And Forth 30 Minutes”
Credits: Writing

Wonder Girls – Reboot

Album: Reboot
Released: August 3, 2015
Songs: “Baby Don’t Play”, “One Black Night”, “Remember”
Credits: Writing, Composing

Yubin – Unpretty Rapstar 2 Final X Semifinal

Album: Unpretty Rapstar 2 Final X Semifinal
Released: November 14, 2015
Song: “Who Am I”
Credits: Writing, Composing

Babylon – Between Us

Album: Between Us
Released: April 28, 2016
Song: “Rainy Street”
Credits: Writing, Composing

Younha, Cheetah, HA:TFELT – Get It?Album: Get It?
July 5, 2016
Song: “Sweet & Easy”
Credits: Writing, Composing

Wonder Girls – Draw Me

Album: Draw Me
Released: February 10, 2017
Song: “Draw Me”
Credits: Writing

HA:TFELT – Cross Country OST Part.1

Album: Cross Country OST Part.1
Released: March 12, 2017
Song: “Thru the Sky”
Credits: Writing, Composing

HA:TFELT, Bohyung, Suran – Cross Country OST Part.4

Album: Cross Country OST Part.4
Released: April 9, 2017
Song: “Cross Country”
Credits: Writing, Composing

Jeong Jinwoon – Set Me Free

Album: Set Me Free
Released: April 29, 2017
Song: “Set Me Free”
Credits: Writing

TWICE – Signal

Album: Signal
Released: May 15, 2017
Song: “Only You”
Credits: Writing

HA:TFELT – Meine

Album: Meine
Released: October 12, 2017
Songs: “I Wander”, “Read Me”
Credits: Writing

PLAYBACK – Want You To Say

Album: Want You To Say
Released: October 28, 2017
Song: “Want You To Say”
Credits: Writing

HA:TFELT – Deine

Album: Deine
Released: April 18, 2018
Songs: “Pluhmm”, “Cigar”
Credits: Writing, Composing

HA:TFELT – Happy Now

Album: Happy Now
Released: August 1, 2019
Song: “Happy Now”
Credits: Writing, Composing

HA:TFELT – 1719

Album: 1719
Released: April 23, 2020
Songs: “Life Sucks”, “Piercing”, “Make Love”, “Satellite”, “Sweet Sensation”, “Solitude”, “3mins”, “Bluebird”, “Sky Gray”, “How to Love”
Credits: Writing, Composing

HA:TFELT – La Luna

Album: La Luna
Released: September 10, 2020
Song: “La Luna”
Credits: Writing

HA:TFELT, Dynamic Duo, snzae, Thama, SOLE – 나 오늘

Album: 나 오늘
Released: October 8, 2020
Song: “나 오늘”
Credits: Writing

moneto – Lullaby

Album: Lullaby
Released: July 14, 2021
Song: “Closer”
Credits: Writing, Composing

HA:TFELT – Summertime

Album: Summertime
Released: July 14, 2021
Songs: “Summertime”, “Summertime (G.QOO Remix)”
Credits: Writing, Composing


Album: Left
Released: April 19, 2022
Songs: “Left”, “Every Love”, “Fine!”, “Tempo”
Credits: Writing, Composing

DAWN – Dear My Light

Album: Dear My Light
Released: April 13, 2023
Song: “Dear My Light”
Credits: Writing

24 Flakko, Cribs – Lotto, Part I

Album: Lotto, Part I
Released: June 7, 2023
Song: “Compass”
Credits: Writing, Composing

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