Sonyachi Pavala Colors Marathi Serial Cast, Who Are The Cast In Sonyachi Pavala Marathi Serial?

Sonyachi Pavala

Sonyachi Pavala is an Indian Television serial that premiered on the Sony Marathi channel on July 5, 2021. The story has got many excellent reviews, and it’s different compared to the other stories. The story revolves around a simple girl named Bhagyashree and her stepmother. She wanted her to marry an older man to get money, but she is married to Dushyant in an undesirable situation. The story will be about her excellent nature and living with her husband and her in-laws in upcoming episodes. Every character has been given positive comments, and the serial’s ranking seems to be excellent. 

Language Of Sonyachi Pavala

Sonyachi Oavala originated in Marathi, and the lead roles for this serial are Aditya Durve and Jyoti Nimes. The show is produced under Purple Morning Movies, and the director of this serial is Umesh Namjoshi. The starting episode of this serial aired on July 5, 2021. The dialogue and the script were made in Marathi, and the whole story was made with it. Mostly the people who know and love the language Marathi, watch the serial. Few will also watch the Sonyachi Pavala Marathi serial, to learn Marathi through this.

Sonyachi Pavala Colors Marathi Serial Cast

1 Aditya Durve    Dushyant
2 Jyoti Nimase Bhagyashree.
3 Rohit Deshmukh Aabasaheb
4 Komal Somare  Padmini
5 Mayur More Adhirajrao Inamdar ( Dushyat’s Brother)
6 Mayur Pawar Nandu
7 Roshni Pawar  Prachi
8 Aarti Oriya  Purnima

Main Cast Of Sonyachi Pavala Serial

1. Aditya Durve as Dushyant:

Aditya is from Pune, Maharashtra He has always shown more interest in acting since his childhood and started his career in the acting field. He is an actor and model and very well known for his role in the Marathi serial Sonyachi Pavala playing as the lead role. He started to act first in TV commercials, and then in 2015; he made his first debut in serials. 

2. Jyoti Nimase as Bhagyashree:

Jyothi is from Mumbai and was born on September 25, 2000. She is very well known for her role in Marathi TV serials. Her famous role was as Bhagyashree in the Sonyachi Pavala serial. She has also played several prominent roles in Marathi TV shows like Phulpakharu and Tuzya Ishqacha Naadkhula. 

Sonyachi Pavala Serial Actors Name

Rohit Deshmukh


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Mayur More



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Mayur Pawar


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Sonyachi Pavala Serial Actress Name

Komal Somare


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Roshni Pawar


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Aarti Oriya


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Sonyachi Pavala Serial Trailer

Details Of Sonyachi Pavala Serial

Serial name  Sonyachi Pavala 
Channel name  Sony Marathi 
Release date  July 5, 2021 
Language  Marathi 
Main cast  Aditya Durve and Jyoti Nimse 
Telecasting time  6:30 pm to 7:00 pm 
Director  Umesh Namjoshi 
Producer  Shrabani Deodhar, Sai Deodhar and Shakti Anand
Genre  Drama 
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