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“Soundtrack #1” (Disney+ Drama): Cast & Summary

“Soundtrack #1” is a romantic music drama about two best friends who blur the lines of friendship by living together. 

The leads in the drama are rising star, Han SoHee, and award-winning actor, Park HyungSik.

Han SoHee has starred in the dramas “My Name”, “Nevertheless”, “The World Of The Married”, and “Abyss.”

Park HyungSik has acted in the dramas “Happiness”, “Suits”, “Strong Woman Do BongSoon”, and “Hwarang.” 

The romance dealing with love and friendship in this drama is expected to give viewers excitement.


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Soundtrack #1 (2022)

“Soundtrack #1” (Disney+ Drama): Cast & Summary




Title: Soundtrack #1 / saundeuteuraek #1 / 사운드트랙

Director: Kim HeeWon

Writer: Ahn SaeBeom

Network: Disney+

Runtime: From March 2022

# of Episodes: 4

Genre: Romance, Friendship, Drama

Language: Korean



“Soundtrack #1” is a romance music drama about a man and a woman who have been friends for 20 years and how they blur the lines of their friendship after living together for two weeks.



“Soundtrack #1” (Disney+ Drama): Cast & Summary


Han SoHee as Lee EunSoo

Lee EunSoo is a lyricist. She possesses a straightforward personality.


“Soundtrack #1” (Disney+ Drama): Cast & Summary


Park HyungSik as Han SunWoo

Han SunWoo is a rookie photographer with a warm personality.


Teaser & Posters

Here is one of the teasers.

Here is the official poster.

“Soundtrack #1” (Disney+ Drama): Cast & Summary



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