South Park’s Finest Spoof Parodied A Forgotten Stephen King Film

South Park took a danger by parodying considered one of Stephen King’s less-remembered horror tales, however the present’s Youngsters of the Corn spoof nonetheless soared.

Regardless of many reveals parodying Stephen King earlier than them, the creators of South Park nonetheless took a danger by spoofing Youngsters of the Corn and the episode proved a basic outing of the anarchic animated comedy. Whereas The Simpsons remade an obscure indie horror in one of many present’s season 33 episodes, the animated sitcom will not be the one grownup cartoon to spoof the horror style every now and then. Since its inception, South Park has parodied horror motion pictures in most of the present’s basic episodes.

Over the course of its run, South Park has expertly skewered dozens of various TV reveals, motion pictures and books. Among the present’s most high-profile targets embody the likes of The Lord of the RingsPurple Dragon and Sport of Thrones. Nevertheless, considered one of South Park’s greatest profitable spoofs took intention at an adaptation of horror creator Stephen King’s quick story, Youngsters of the Corn. The ensuing parody stays considered one of South Park’s preferred episodes ever because of the present’s canny determination to take satirical intention at a lesser-known King story.


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Voted considered one of South Park’s greatest episodes by the present’s followers in 2o13, “The Wacky Molestation Journey” (season 4, episode 16) spoofed Youngsters of the Corn regardless of the film’s relative obscurity. Though the present later spoofed King once more with a South Park episode mocking ‘80s nostalgia by parodying hits like It and Stranger Issues, “The Wacky Molestation Journey” was an altogether riskier episode. For one factor, the central gag of the episode revolved round mocking baby molestation, hardly the best matter for even a present as risqué as South Park to broach. For one more, the selection to parody Youngsters of the Corn meant fewer South Park viewers could be conversant in the supply materials of the parody because the 80s cult basic was much more obscure than the later blockbuster It. Lastly, the truth that The Simpsons famously parodied one other Stephen King adaptation made the gag even riskier—and the episode’s eventual success all of the extra spectacular.

South Park’s Stephen King Spoof Defined

South Park Movie

The episode sees South Park spoof King’s Youngsters of the Corn as a number of the titular city’s children be taught that they will trigger their mother and father to vanish by accusing them of “molester-ing“. Quickly sufficient, a misplaced couple enters the seemingly deserted city and finds it run by the now-tribal children. Not like the unique story, the children haven’t killed their mother and father—as a substitute, they’ve all had them arrested for “molester-ing” on Cartman’s recommendation. Crucially, the episode doesn’t make mild of precise molestation victims. As an alternative, the outing derives humor from the silliness of the premise and the revelation that the eponymous city descended into post-apocalyptic anarchy (full with Kenny being sacrificed to a John Elway statue) within the area of solely ten days. Finally, the Mad Max-esque anarchy involves an finish when the out-of-towners can assist the children see sense and facilitate the return of their mother and father.

Why South Park’s Stephen King Parody Was Dangerous

The Shinning from The Simpsons

Like quite a lot of South Park episodes, the premise of “The Wacky Molestation Journey” courted controversy by mocking a topic as delicate as molestation. Nevertheless, this was not all that labored towards the South Park outing’s probabilities of essential success. Not solely was Youngsters of the Corn largely forgotten by the point the episode aired, however “The Wacky Molestation Journey” additionally wasn’t the primary time an animated comedy had spoofed King’s oeuvre. So well-known that it has been screened alongside Kubrick’s unique film in college programs, The Simpsons “Treehouse of Horror” phase “The Shinning” was phenomenally fashionable with followers and critics upon its launch just a few years earlier.

All the things from the truth that The Shining is a extra well-known King film to the truth that The Simpsons is a much bigger, extra well-established present made South Park’s extra obscure, obscene parody of King’s work a dangerous proposition. Even when the Youngsters of the Corn spoof was as humorous as The Simpsons’ jam-packed parody, most viewers had no recollection of the unique film whereas The Shining was instantly recognizable because of Kubrick’s iconic photographs and endlessly referenced scenes. As such, South Park‘s Stephen King parody properly opted to include parts of a Star Trek episode, Mad Max, and Logan’s Run into its spoof whereas nonetheless centering on a Youngsters of the Corn parody.

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Why South Park’s Stephen King Spoof Labored

why Stephen Kings Children of the Corn failed

Doubtless conscious of the inevitable comparisons that may be made between “The Shinning” and “The Wacky Molestation Journey,” the creators of South Park took the other strategy when parodying Stephen King. The place The Simpsons opted to replicate King’s most well-known film adaptation, South Park selected a way more obscure title to spoof. Equally, whereas The Simpsons relied on recreating particular scenes from the film in query, South Park took the tone and story of Youngsters of the Corn as its inspiration and constructed a brand new, unique plot from there. Like Rick & Morty’s parody of The Langoliers, South Park’s King spoof works as a result of the episode highlights a largely forgotten work of his and hones in on what made it unintentionally humorous, relatively than The Simpsons strategy of spoofing an endlessly-quoted, iconic adaptation.

Which Stephen King Spoof Is Higher, South Park or The Simpsons?

The query of which Stephen King parody is best is unattainable to reply since South Park’s strategy to making a Stephen King homage is so totally different from that of The Simpsons. The Simpsons‘ spoof of The Shining is sort of as extensively quoted as the unique film, however South Park’s Youngsters of the Corn parody seemingly launched a complete new technology to the in any other case forgotten film. The Simpsons spoof has a truncated runtime that it manages to pack an unimaginable variety of jokes into, however South Park’s King spoof unspools at a leisurely sufficient tempo for a number of the atmospheric early scenes to be surprisingly paying homage to King’s real-life horror quick tales.

Neither parodies may be in comparison with the opposite, very similar to Rick & Morty’s Stephen King spoof cannot be in comparison with both of them.“The Wacky Molestation Journey” stays considered one of South Park’s strongest outings due to its capability to marry an absurd idea with a well-recognized plot, reminding Stephen King followers of a lesser hit that even they’ve seemingly forgotten. There isn’t any denying that The Simpsons Halloween particular phase is a basic cartoon comedy, however South Park’s King spoof performs into what makes the present distinctive. Obscene, absurd, and surprisingly affectionate in its homage to Stephen King’s Youngsters of the Corn, South Park’s “The Wacky Molestation Journey” is each a love letter to the horror creator’s work and a hilariously foolish spoof by itself phrases.

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