Spiderhead: 7 Characters, Ranked By Likability

Content material Warning: The next article accommodates spoilers for the movie Spiderhead.

The lately launched sci-fi thriller Spiderhead depicts a daunting dystopian world the place the titular penitentiary is given the liberty to check dangerous experimental medicine on inmates. It is not shocking that the compelling characters within the movie are sometimes the susceptible prisoners like Jeff and Lizzy, who do not deserve the horrific abuse they get from the smug Steve in any respect.

Essentially the most likable characters from the film usually do the least hurt to others and even assist these round them address their horrible scenario. They present different constructive traits like kindness, bravery, and honesty, or not less than simply an entertaining humorousness.


7 Steve Abnesti

Steve Abnesti smiling in Spiderhead.

Steve would be the smartest character in Spiderhead, however he is removed from being probably the most likable. His charming and sympathetic persona may idiot anybody at first, together with Jeff and the remainder of the inmates. Nevertheless, all through the course of the movie, it turns into unattainable to not see his extra sinister aspect. When that occurs, his little quirks and supposedly endearing actions solely appear creepy and insincere.

In fact, the principle purpose he finally ends up being the least likable character is his disgusting mistreatment of the check topics. Not solely does he mislead them about their freedom, however he additionally pushes it too far through the experiments to see the total results of the questionable medicine. It is all made worse by the truth that he is doing this to not make the world a greater place, however for his personal financial achieve and twisted objective to promote “peace and concord” and fill the world “with individuals who do as they’re informed.”

6 Rogan

Rogan reading in Spiderhead.

Rogan is a aspect character who takes on the function of a stereotypical violent one who would not actually talk together with his fellow inmates. One scene that highlights his unstable persona takes place in a testing room with Jeff the place he exhibits how shortly he can get pissed off when he would not perceive what is going on on.

It would not assist that Steve makes use of him to threaten Jeff, claiming that Rogan may kill somebody with “a field of Kleenex.” That stated, he would not really do a lot within the movie to justify disliking him an excessive amount of, besides in direction of the tip when he joins the opposite prisoners in attempting to stop Jeff and Lizzy’s escape.

5 Ray

Ray smiling in Spiderhead.

From the second he is first launched, it is clear that Ray is supposed to supply comedian reduction. He is given “G-46” or “Laffodil” through the experiment within the opening sequence, which begins out amusing sufficient as Ray guffaws at Steve’s jokes. It stops being humorous when he retains laughing at critical information, although, which embody his “4 consecutive life sentences” and the Rwandan genocide.

Each time Jeff sees Ray after that, he is speaking about one thing foolish like his seek for “s**t-finger.” He is each creepy and comical, so he is not less than a bit bit likable in comparison with the extra villainous characters within the movie.

4 Heather

Heather standing by the doorway looking at Jeff in Spiderhead.

Heather’s intelligent comebacks and refusal to obey Steve’s orders instantly make any scene together with her pleasant to observe. Because it’s finally revealed that the Spiderhead is definitely testing a thoughts management drug often known as “B-6,” it makes Heather’s disobedience much more essential in hindsight.

She could solely be a aspect character, however she leaves an enduring impression for being witty and even useful to Jeff at one level. Heather’s surprising and disturbing loss of life solely makes her character sympathetic, as she didn’t need to exit the best way she did.

3 Mark Verlaine

Mark in Spiderhead.

Steve’s trusty assistant is generally subservient to the antagonist all through the movie, however some cracks start to look when he questions the villain’s judgement through the experiment on Lizzy. Mark feedback about “post-traumatic stress,” which Steve predictably ignores. For this reason it isn’t shocking that Mark finally groups up with Jeff and hatches a plan to report the power to the authorities.

His heroic act definitely makes him likable, plus his character is an underdog who’s simply really easy to root for. What’s extra, Mark develops real bonds with inmates, as seen in his interactions with Jeff whereas altering out his MobiPak. He really cares concerning the prisoners in contrast to Steve, who solely sees them as check topics.

2 Jeff

Jeff in Spiderhead.

He would be the brave protagonist, however there are various moments within the movie the place Jeff is extremely irritating to observe. It is not his fault that Steve is manipulating him, nevertheless it’s nonetheless powerful to observe him say “acknowledge” to most medicine the villain needs to check. Fortunately, his good qualities outweigh the dangerous, as he is a captivating, kindhearted, and courageous one who does finally break away from Steve’s cage.

The heartbreaking twist about Jeff’s previous solely makes him extra sympathetic, particularly as soon as he admits to Lizzy how responsible he nonetheless is concerning the automobile crash. Plus, Jeff dangers his life to save lots of Lizzy ultimately, all whereas reminding her that her previous would not change how a lot he loves her.

1 Lizzy

Lizzy in Spiderhead.

Unquestionably, probably the most likable character in Spiderhead is Lizzy. Throughout the first half of the film, she spends a number of her time hanging out with Jeff and comforting him after significantly merciless experiments. Their banter and light-weight flirting are all the time lovely and enjoyable to observe. Nevertheless, Lizzy proves that she’s actually likable through the critical moments, like when Jeff recounts his traumatic experiences from the previous, and he or she reminds him that he is ” soul.”

Since she is such a compelling character, it is nearly too painful to observe her undergo the horrific check with Darkenfloxx. She has already gone by sufficient hardship in her life, together with the loss of life of her baby – her admission of which makes her extra sympathetic. It is satisfying to observe her and Jeff journey off into the sundown through the movie’s gripping finale, and it is good to think about that the 2 of them construct a life collectively away from that mess.

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