Spotless Zach Bryan Lyrics

Spotless Zach Bryan

“Spotless” is a track featured on Zach Bryan’s self-titled album, released on August 25, 2023. The song showcases a unique collaboration with folk rock band The Lumineers, a group that Bryan admires. This country-folk fusion harmonizes Bryan’s genuine earthiness with The Lumineers’ signature harmonies.

The lyrics delve into introspection and candor, perfectly accompanied by a gentle melody that enhances the song’s message. Critically acclaimed for its raw emotion and vulnerability, “Spotless” has achieved commercial success by topping the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Zach Bryan’s music is characterized by its unadorned sincerity. He shies away from extravagant production or gimmicks, allowing his lyrics and melodies to stand on their own merit. Whether performing solo with a guitar or backed by a full band, Bryan’s performances are compelling and emotionally resonant, leaving an enduring impact on his audience.

A distinguishing feature of Zach Bryan’s music is his ability to forge a personal connection with listeners. His songs strike a chord with individuals from diverse backgrounds, addressing universal feelings and experiences. Fans appreciate the relatable lyrics and his knack for capturing the essence of the human condition.

Spotless Zach Bryan Lyrics

Turn on the TV, act like you don’t see me

Tell me everything is okay


My mother is a saint and told me if I wait


Everything meant to be will stay

Well, I ain’t a believer in people pleasing neither

Fucking telephones have ruined this place

Met a man in New York City, told me humans ain’t as pretty

As a perfect day we’ll chase for all the days


I ain’t spotless, neither is you

For once in my life, I’m gonna see it through

If you want spotless, I’ll always losе

I don’t want love, lover, I want the truth


Pеople die a thousand times to get to who they are

You were praying to the heavens on a late train car

You heart knows deeper seasons than my eyes ever will

I’m a self-destructive landslide if you wanna be the hill


I ain’t spotless, neither is you

For once in my life, I’m gonna see it through

If you wanna leave this, that’s okay

Everything meant to be is bound to stay


Remember jumping in the pool when we was fully clothed in August

We were soaking, choking, smoking in my old shitty apartment

Then they cut off all the lights ’cause the bills were never paid

We were stealing on the power from the neighbors on vacation


I ain’t spotless, neither is you

But once in my life, I’m gonna see it through

If you want spotless, I’ll always lose

You gave me your love, lover, you gave me the truth


I was alone

You were bettin’ on a loser, you were calling my bluff

Holding one another, is it never enough?

You were right there with me


I can’t stop this, neither can you

For once in my life, I’m down to see it through

If you want spotless, I’ll always lose

You gave me your love, lover, you gave me the truth


Spotless Zach Bryan Release Date

“Spotless” emerges as a notable track within Zach Bryan’s eponymous album, which officially launched on August 25, 2023. Notably, it features a collaboration with The Lumineers, a folk-rock ensemble that Bryan holds in high regard. This composition stands as a compelling blend of country and folk elements, skillfully presenting Bryan’s down-to-earth authenticity alongside the harmonious contributions of The Lumineers.

Zach Bryan’s musical essence is profoundly marked by its uncomplicated purity. Rather than leaning on extravagant production or gimmicks, he allows his lyrics and melodies to eloquently convey their own narratives. Whether he graces the stage solely with a guitar or in the company of a full band, Zach Bryan’s performances consistently captivate, carrying with them an emotionally charged resonance that lingers with the audience.

A distinctive facet that sets Zach Bryan’s music apart is his remarkable ability to forge a personal connection with his listeners. His compositions frequently strike chords with individuals from diverse walks of life, delving into universal sentiments and experiences. The admiration of numerous fans stems from their appreciation of his relatable lyrics and his adeptness at capturing the very essence of the human experience.

The trajectory of “Spotless” and Zach Bryan’s ascent to prominence has been significantly influenced by the dynamic force of social media and the grapevine. His music has found its way to a vast audience through platforms like YouTube and Spotify, amassing millions of streams and views. Despite his burgeoning fame, Zach Bryan remains grounded and committed to his artistry, maintaining his roots and crafting music that continues to deeply resonate with his dedicated fanbase.

Spotless Zach Bryan Song Details






Zach Bryan


Zach Bryan

Written by

Zach Bryan

Produced by

Zach Bryan


Zach Bryan

Song Genre

Country and Folk Elements

Released Date

August 25, 2023

Spotless Zach Bryan Video Song


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