Star Ocean: The Second Story R Can You Beat Dias in the Tournament?

Star Ocean: The Second Story R

“Star Ocean: The Second Story R” is the most recent iteration of a beloved action role-playing game that initially debuted in Japan back in 1999, before later becoming available in North America and Europe. The game transports players to a captivating science fantasy realm, where they follow the journey of a character named Claude C. Kenny.

Claude is a technologically advanced Earth cadet who finds himself stranded on a primitive, medieval-like planet. Throughout the game, Claude crosses paths with a diverse cast of allies and adversaries as he embarks on a mission to thwart a malevolent organization that spans multiple worlds, all the while seeking a way to return to his home planet.

The game’s captivating storyline and dynamic gameplay have garnered immense popularity, leading to the creation of manga and anime adaptations. Developed by Gemdrops, “Star Ocean: The Second Story R” was launched on November 2, 2023, and is available on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Windows platforms.

Star Ocean: The Second Story R Can You Beat Dias in the Tournament?

In the game “Star Ocean: The Second Story R,” players face a formidable challenge when encountering Dias in the Laceur Kingdom Armory Tournament. This particular battle has been known for its difficulty since the original game. For those controlling Claude, it becomes apparent that beating Dias may be an insurmountable task due to what seems like an unfair advantage.

The Challenge:

Despite thorough preparation, it becomes evident that Dias is exceptionally powerful in the Armory Tournament of Star Ocean Second Story R. Reports from players indicate that even after multiple attempts and character leveling, Dias can swiftly defeat Claude with just one hit.

Original Game Legacy:

This struggle to beat Dias echoes the challenges faced in the original release of Star Ocean 2. Community discussions persist about whether it is possible to defeat Dias without resorting to external aids like GameShark, contributing to the mystique and difficulty of this particular in-game encounter.


The “Whatever the Outcome” Trophy:

For those pursuing the “Whatever the Outcome” Achievement/Trophy, it’s worth noting that many players have shared similar struggles. The trophy is earned by completing Rena’s side of The Second Story R, suggesting that spending extensive time trying to defeat Dias in the Armory Contest may not be necessary for this specific achievement.


In conclusion, the challenge of beating Dias in the Armory Contest in Star Ocean: The Second Story R appears to be intentionally formidable, possibly designed to align with the narrative or game mechanics. Players may need to shift their focus to other aspects of the game for progression and completion.

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Star Ocean: The Second Story R Plot

In the highly anticipated game “Star Ocean: The Second Story R,” the narrative unfolds around the intertwined destinies of two central characters: Claude C. Kenny, a spirited young man, and Rena Lanford, a gentle and enigmatic girl. The journey commences when Claude, in defiance of his father’s wishes, inadvertently finds himself transported to the distant world of Expel following a teleportation mishap.

It is on this newfound planet that he crosses paths with Rena, and their fates become inexorably linked as they confront impending peril together. The heart of the tale centers on Claude and Rena’s odysseys. Claude yearns to unearth a means of returning to his technologically advanced home, and in doing so, he aids the local village in investigating the Sorcery Globe, an enigmatic meteor that descended upon Expel, bringing chaos in its wake.

Rena, meanwhile, possesses unique healing abilities and is an orphan who accompanies Claude in unraveling the enigma surrounding the Sorcery Globe. Their exploits in this treacherous world forge a steadfast bond, creating an enthralling narrative of exploration, revelation, and personal development. As they confront the trials that lie ahead, their friendship deepens, and their personal journeys of self-discovery imbue the “Star Ocean” game series with an enduring and captivating allure.

Star Ocean: The Second Story R Review

“Star Ocean: The Second Story R” is a refreshed version of the beloved classic, bringing the Star Ocean series into the modern era. Released on modern consoles, it keeps the nostalgic feel of the original while adding new elements for an engaging gaming experience.

The game tells a captivating story, highlighting the differences between Claude’s advanced technology and Rena’s medieval world, creating an interesting dynamic. You can choose from 12 characters to form your party, making the game replayable. Private Actions let characters interact, adding depth to the narrative. The real-time battle system is exciting, and new mechanics like Break and Assault Action add strategy.

Though the dodge mechanic could be better, features like the Bonus Gauge, Item Creation, and skill customization add depth. The game combines 2D pixel art with modern 3D environments for a unique look, and the soundtrack sets the mood perfectly. Full English and Japanese voice acting enhance the characters’ stories, making this a top-notch gaming experience for fans old and new.

Star Ocean: The Second Story R Trailer

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