Star Wars: Obi-Wan’s 8 Largest Fears, Ranked

Whereas Obi-Wan Kenobi got here to an finish with its finale on June 22, 2022, collection director Deborah Chow has stated a second season is feasible. That is excellent news to followers, as many have praised the Disney+ present for making the favored Star Wars character even deeper and extra advanced.

Obi-Wan was definitely a heroic particular person, however he wasn’t with out his fears. These ranged from Anakin’s flip into Darth Vader to Obi-Wan shedding folks like Qui-Gon Jinn, and the ever-present worry that historical past would repeat itself. 


8 To Be Caught In Anakin’s Daredevil Antics

Obi-Wan and Anakin Attack of the Clones

There’s little question that Anakin was among the many strongest Jedi in Star Wars, however Obi-Wan was cautious of his padawan’s obsession with victory. Obi-Wan didn’t have the identical management over Anakin as a Jedi knight is meant to have on his padawan and was routinely caught in Anakin’s daredevil antics.

In Assault of the Clones, Obi-Wan turned terrified of Anakin’s damaging potential, claiming that Anakin can be the dying of him. Within the flashback in Obi-Wan Kenobi, the protagonist was involved for Anakin’s want for victory, which had seen him defy Obi-Wan’s steerage.

7 The Incapacity To Perceive An Incoming Battle

Ewan McGregor as Obi Wan Kenobi and Natalie Portman as Padme in Star Wars Attack of the Clones

Obi-Wan was an individual who preferred to remain forward of issues, not eager to be blindsided by a possible battle. Because of this, he had the tendency to lose his bearings when he was confronted by a battle he was ill-prepared for, particularly one which had private ramifications.

When he was instructed by Yoda to slay Anakin when the latter turned to the darkish facet, Obi-Wan turned fearful and initially refused to struggle his former padawan. When Obi-Wan discovered of Anakin’s killing of the younglings, he was scared of the implications to the purpose the place he was left speechless.

6 The Risk Of The Sith

Obi-Wan and Anakin fighting Count Dooku in Star Wars 3

Obi-Wan knew there have been very highly effective Sith within the Star Wars universe and wasn’t afraid to confront them. What did scare him was the uncertainty behind who the Sith had been presupposed to be, because the identities of the Emperor and his apprentices had been shrouded in thriller

It additionally needed to do with shedding Qui-Gon. Along with his mentor’s dying coming by the hands of a Sith, Obi-Wan was stressed in uncovering who was in cahoots with the Emperor.

5 Disturbances In The Pressure

Obi-Wan senses the destruction of Alderaan in A New Hope

Obi-Wan felt the destruction of Alderaan as a disturbance within the Pressure, which horrified him. He needed to take a second to regain his composure, because the planet’s destruction left him feeling confused and apprehensive over what was to return.

Disturbances within the Pressure are an enormous deal for the Jedi since they attempt to keep up its steadiness. As one of many premier Jedi, Obi-Wan was equally shaken when he felt one thing large disturb the in any other case peaceable Pressure that had been a part of his life.

4 Going through The Impression Of Order 66

Obi-Wan standing in a shadow

The execution of Order 66 had dealt a heavy blow to the Jedi Council. Obi-Wan and Yoda had been among the few left alive whereas the remainder perished. Obi-Wan tried not to consider the impression of Order 66 when he began residing on Tatooine as a hermit.

As seen in his Disney+ collection, Obi-Wan was afraid of coping with the implications of the catastrophe because it introduced out the sentiments of guilt and unhappiness for what transpired. Obi-Wan noticed his incapacity to foresee and forestall Order 66 as one in all his largest failures, which then made him petrified of going through the ramifications of the occasion.

3 Shedding His Liked Ones

Qui-Gon Jin dies in Obi-Wan's arms in Star Wars 1

Though Jedi are presupposed to separate their feelings from their actions, Obi-Wan was very hooked up to his closest allies. He turned terrified of shedding anybody else after the lack of Qui-Gon, which had a heavy impression on him since he’d by no means felt such grief earlier than.

Obi-Wan tried to push down his grief by isolating himself and refusing to really feel the ache. Nonetheless, sure reminders of the deaths of individuals like Padmé made Obi-Wan afraid as soon as extra of shedding others like Leia within the Disney+ collection. Obi-Wan had tried to cause with Anakin slightly than struggle him on Mustafar for worry of shedding his beloved former apprentice.

2 Reminders Of The Approach He Failed To Maintain Anakin From The Darkish Facet

The third chronological Star Wars film stays extraordinarily rewatchable due to the conflict between Obi-Wan and Anakin on Mustafar. This was when Obi-Wan confronted his best failure of stopping Anakin’s flip to the darkish facet of the Pressure, ending with him leaving his former apprentice for lifeless.

As seen within the Obi-Wan Kenobi collection, the protagonist was scared of going through Darth Vader, primarily as a result of it reminded him of his failure to avoid wasting Anakin. Obi-Wan couldn’t correctly struggle Vader on account of his guilt, which introduced out the worry in him that almost prompted his demise at Vader’s arms.

1 Shedding Luke And Leia

Obi-Wan’s largest worry needs to be the duty he upheld for twenty years, which was the safety of Luke and Leia. He spent his ultimate years on Tatooine with the intention of watching over Luke, whereas the Obi-Wan Kenobi collection detailed his efforts in rescuing Leia.

Obi-Wan was notably afraid of shedding the twins as a result of they had been the one factor that stored him going. He had nothing else to reside for, so the potential of the kids being in peril was a continuing worry of Obi-Wan. In the long run, he sacrificed himself to be able to permit Luke and Leia to flee the Sith.

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