Storm Eye Chinese Drama (2021) Cast & Summary

Storm Eye Chinese Drama Poster
Storm Eye Chinese Drama Poster
Drama Info:

Title: Storm Eye (暴风眼) Bao Feng Yan
Episodes: 40
Release Date: February 23, 2021
Film Location: Dalian
Summary: The Chinese drama follows national security personnel represented by An Jing and Ma Shang. The team always insists on justice in their hearts despite dangers, works hard to detect cases of technology theft, and protects the country’s rare resources from being smuggled and traded by foreign forces.

Plot Synoposis:

National Security Investigator Ma Shang performs a special investigation mission and is ordered to track overseas spy Chen Can in Shuangqing City.

In the process of surveillance and investigation, Ma Shang discovers that Chen Can is only a low-level figure in a transnational spy organization.

The espionage organization is deployed in full force with the purpose of stealing the “DS material synthetic technology” independently developed by Dinghua Group.

Due to the special circumstances of the case, the superior directly dispatches Ma Shang to Shuangqing City to start a combined investigation with the city bureau. The operation is given the code name “Storm Eye”.

After joining the city operation, Ma Shang discovers that the captain of the bureau action team was actually An Jing, his middle school classmate.

Ten years ago, An Jing left without saying goodbye and Ma Shang has been unable to let go.

With the advancement of the investigative work, Ma Shang learns that the spy code-named “Sleepman” has been lurking within the Dinghua Group for a long time.

He believes there is also the possibility of corruption among the top leaders of Dinghua Group.

After many tests, Ma Shang and An Jing work together to find the answers they need and turn the tide.

In the end, the National Security team successfully captures “Sleepman” and wipes out the spy organization behind them, defending the interests and dignity of the motherland.

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Cast & Characters:
Yang Mi
Yang Mi

Yang Mi 杨幂 as An Jing 安静
The head of the city section of the National Security Bureau. She is smart, straightforward, and an extraordinary captain of the investigative team. An Jing quietly holds the intercom equipment to direct the work, with meticulous foresight.

Zhang Bin Bin
Zhang Bin Bin

Zhang Bin Bin 张彬彬 as Ma Shang 马尚
The scout from the Ministry of State Security, he has quick thinking and excellent IQ. Ma Shang wears monitor headphones to watch the surveillance content, with a focused and thoughtful expression.

Supporting Characters
Liu Rui Lin
Liu Rui Lin

Liu Rui Lin 刘芮麟 as Du Meng
Member of the National Security Bureau

Dai Si
Dai Si

Dai Si 代斯 as Miao Fei 苗霏
Chief Executive Officer of Dinghua Group

Drama Posters:
Storm Eye Chinese Drama Still 1
Yang Mi in Storm Eye Chinese Drama Still 1
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Zhang Bin Bin in Storm Eye Chinese Drama Still 2
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Storm Eye Chinese Drama Still 3
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Bao Feng Yan Storm Eye Chinese Drama Still 4
Airing Schedule

Start: February 23, 2021
Frequency: 2 episodes every Sunday to Friday, 1 episode on Saturday
End: March 17, 2021

Storm Eye Chinese Drama Airing Calendar
Storm Eye Chinese Drama Airing Calendar

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