Unusual New Worlds Reveals Discovery S2 Created A First Contact Drawback

Star Trek: Unusual New Worlds’ premiere upends First Contact when the ending of Star Trek: Discovery season 2 left behind an unintended facet impact.

Warning: SPOILERS for Star Trek: Unusual New Worlds Episode 1 – “Unusual New Worlds”

The ending of Star Trek: Discovery season 2 created a stunning facet impact that upends First Contact on Star Trek: Unusual New Worlds. Selecting up months after Commander Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Inexperienced) led the USS Discovery on a one-way journey to the thirty second century, Star Trek: Unusual New Worlds sees Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount) lead the USS Enterprise on a five-year mission of exploration. Becoming a member of Pike are Burnham’s adoptive brother, Lt. Spock (Ethan Peck), and his Quantity One, Lt. Commander Una Chin-Riley (Rebecca Romijn). However whereas the reality surrounding Discovery’s disappearance is being stored categorized, there was surprising fallout that altered the future of the planet Kiley 279.


Star Trek: Discovery season 2 ended with an enormous battle for the destiny of the galaxy. The USS Discovery and the USS Enterprise teamed up with the Kelpiens to defeat Management, Starfleet’s rogue risk evaluation A.I. that deliberate to wipe out all sentient life within the United Federation of Planets. Discovery season 2’s finale staged some of the eye-popping area battles ever seen in Star Trek. When Management was destroyed and the Discovery left the twenty third century, Spock and Pike ensured that the reality about Discovery was redacted from the official report in an effort to forestall one other Management from being constructed and historical past repeating itself. Nevertheless, Star Trek: Unusual New Worlds‘ premiere reveals that the denizens of Kiley 279 watched the battle towards Management by way of their telescopes and so they had been in a position technologically subtle sufficient to reverse-engineer Starfleet’s warp know-how. However as a substitute of constructing a warp drive, Kiley 279 constructed a warp bomb to make use of of their interplanetary civil battle.

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Unusual New Worlds‘ premiere crafted an enchanting dilemma that turns the same old Starfleet First Contact situation on its ear. Historically, First Contact is seen as a constructive factor. When Starfleet detects an lively warp signature, in accordance with the system pioneered by the Vulcans, it is an indicator {that a} planet is now able to know that they don’t seem to be alone within the universe. Usually, a planet that builds a warp drive is invited to hitch the Federation and turn out to be a part of the galactic neighborhood after a profitable First Contact. However that wasn’t the case with Kiley 279. The planet wasn’t prepared for First Contact. Fairly, it replicated Starfleet’s know-how from afar and turned it right into a weapon, which is a worst-case situation. As Captain Pike concluded, what occurred with Kiley 279 was Starfleet’s fault, if inadvertently.

First Contact with Kiley 279 additionally went disastrously when Quantity One commanded the USS Archer to satisfy with the planet’s individuals. Lt. Commander Chin-Riley was beneath the mistaken impression that she detected a warp signature on Kiley 279 when it was really their warp bomb. Kiley 279’s divided and militarily aggressive society is dangerously equal to twenty first century Earth’s and so they weren’t able to study aliens, a lot much less have extraterrestrials come to their planet to set up First Contact. Quantity One and the scientists she introduced had been imprisoned and abused. It was simply fortunate that Kiley 279 did not have the required spacecraft to commandeer the USS Archer which was left in commonplace orbit above the planet.

Captain Pike was in such a ethical and moral bind in Unusual New Worlds‘ premiere that the perfect recourse he noticed was to interrupt Common Order One to completely reveal the Starship Enterprise and the reality concerning the Federation. It was a raffle that fortunately labored: Through the use of Earth’s personal war-torn historical past for instance, Pike was in a position to present the leaders of Kiley 279 that they had been marching headlong in direction of international devastation. Though it was towards protocols, Pike was in a position to encourage Kiley 279 to embrace know-how and exploration for peaceable means, the way in which First Contact with the Vulcans in 2063 propelled humanity to succeed in for the celebrities. In the end, Star Trek: Unusual New Worlds‘ premiere thrillingly confirmed each the darkish facet and the perfect outcomes of First Contact.

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