Stray Kids And ITZY Join Republic Records… Why Some Fans Are Skeptical

It was recently announced that JYP Entertainment had expanded their partnership with U.S. label Republic Records to include Stray Kids and ITZY. This union was preceded by an initial partnership made in 2020 that intended to grow JYPE labelmate TWICE’s success in the United States.

Stray Kids | @Stray_Kids/Twitter


ITZY | @ITZYofficial/Twitter

Republic Records is said to have helped TWICE land two top ten albums on the Billboard 200 and their first Hot 100 and Pop Airplay hit with the English-language single “The Feels.”



JYP Entertainment CEO Jimmy Jeong acknowledged this success and said in a statement that the company is excited to continue the partnership.


We are beyond delighted to move forward with Republic Records … in developing the major artist roster of the two companies’ hereafter, starting with the successful kickoff TWICE has brought. We have absolute confidence that, together, we will lead the rapidly changing music industry from both in and out, alongside our prominent artists’ creations.

— Jimmy Jeong

Many fans of ITZY and Stray Kids are excited for this new opportunity and what it could mean for each group, respectively.


Some TWICE fans, however, have strong feelings about JYP Entertainment’s decision to make this partnership.These fans disagree that Republic Records have helped TWICE since they have been under the label. They argue that the group hasn’t received any promotion from the company.

Other fans believe that Republic Records allowed TWICE to gain exposure in the West.

Stray Kids fans were pleased with Republic Records after the label took to Twitter and Instagram to promote the boy group’s upcoming comeback “ODDINARY.”

Meanwhile, ITZY fans seem to enjoy the prospect of the partnership as long as the girls are treated well by the company.

With such an impressive roster of artists under Republic Records, it’ll be interesting to watch how ITZY and Stray Kids are promoted under the new alliance.

Source: Billboard and Reddit

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