“Streamer Taehyung” Draws Millions of Views After Playing Online Games With Fans

Kim Taehyung, aka V of BTS, is one of the most popular and influential personalities in the entertainment industry globally, therefore, it does not come as a surprise when whatever he does becomes a hot trending topic provoking millions of interactions.

Taehyung is known for his down-to-earth and humble personality. Even after being one of the biggest celebs in the world and even with his busy schedule, TaeTae always finds the time to connect with the people who love and support him. He came live to chat with fans a day before yesterday, but the live session was short, and the fans complained about the same. V, in his response, assured his fans he’ll come live again the next and day and for longer this time. And he kept his promise.

“Streamer Taehyung” Goes Viral

As promised to his 18.9 million Weverse fans, V came live yesterday and no one was expecting that the live session will be as fun-filled as it was. V allowed fans to get a look at his new, unique side as he debuted as “Streamer Taehyung”. It’s a very common practice today for influencers to stream video games on Twitch. Seeing Taehyung doing the same, fans were quick to comment that V would be a huge success as a streamer, as he kept his viewers engaged and entertained throughout.

“im going to play fall guys. please let me know when youre ready. the company… did it for me so i can play this game like this today… what do i call it.. they made me the id. theyre all single use ids for today” V said.

He also revealed that he was at his home during the live.


Tae also revealed that he originally planned to do a game live with Jungkook, but he’s unfortunately busy.

“i was originally going to play ‘crazy arcade‘ with jungkook, but he said he had to be with his parents”

“the company said i cant play gun games because theyre too cruel”

The stream was totally a gift for fans who received plenty of new meme-worthy Taehyung moments, which subsequently flooded social media drawing millions of views.

Taehyung was spotted at an airport in South Korea this morning. He’s leaving the country for an overseas schedule. He revealed he was supposed to fly together with Jungkook, who also left Korea for Doha – Qatar earlier today for his FIFA World Cup Schedule.

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