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Strong Girl Nam-soon Episode 12 Recap and Review: Shi-o Allows Nam-soon to Get Closer to Him

Strong Girl Nam-soon Episode 12 Recap and Review: The famous hit South Korean drama Strong Woman Do Bong-soon (힘쎈여자 도봉순) spin-off series Strong Girl Nam-soon (힘쎈여자 강남순) of the is directed by Kim Jung-Sik and written by Baek Mi-Kyeong. Starring Lee Yoo-mi, Kim Jung-eun, Kim Hae-sook, Ong Seong-wu and Byeon Woo-seok in the lead roles, the series will follow a young girl named Nam-soon and her immense strength being used for the good. The series is produced by JTBC and is distributed by Netflix.

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The series takes up the story of Bong-soon’s sixth cousin, Kang Nam-soon (Lee Yoo-mi) who has similar strength to her cousin. After getting lost in Magnolia, Nam-soon returns to South Korea to find her family. She successfully finds her mother (Kim Jung-eun) and grandmother (Kim Hae-sook) but little does she know, the trio are in for a big treat.

Lee Yoo-mi made it big after her pivotal role in Squid Game (2021). She was last seen in All of Us Are Dead (2022). Kim Jung-eun’s last ventures are Missing: The Other Side (2020-2023) and DNA Mate (since 2022). Kim Hae-sook’s latest work was Revenant (2023). Speaking of Ong Seong-wu, he was last seen in the movie Starlight Falls (2023) while Byeon Woo-seok’s latest project was Soulmate (2023).

– Strong Girl Nam-soon Episode 12 Review Contains Spoilers –

Strong Girl Nam-soon Episode 12 Recap

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A still from the series “Strong Girl Nam-soon”

The episode picks up with Nam-soon looking at Shi-o who looks tenacious. He asks her to not get any closer to him and leaves his cabin. He goes to a warehouse sort of place where a Russian Mafia member attacks him. Shi-o says that he is no longer the same Anton and kills the man. Meanwhile, Geum-ju questions the Opulentia guy, Yong-woo about his knowledge on Pavel and he says that time will reveal more details about him.

At the police custody, Hee-sik learns that Gang-su died after his lawyer met him. It’s understood that he intook a vial which ultimately put him to death. The reason behind him agreeing to take the vial is still unknown but Hee-sik believes that they intelligently frame statements to emotionally make their victims agree to die. After killing the Russian guy, Shi-o returns to his cabin, drinks the antidote and immediately becomes calm. He asks Nam-soon to lunch.

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A still from the series “Strong Girl Nam-soon”

Madam Kim visits Geum-ju’s hospital to attack Geum-ju only to come across the stand-in. Geum-ju beats up Madam Kim and warns her. Kim calls Shi-o and informs him about Geum-ju and her stand-in plan. He hears the news while he is eating with Nam-soon. Previously he tells her about his Russian name Anton and reveals about a friend who he had back in the past. However he is no longer with him, he says. After hearing about Geum-ju, he gets furious and tells Nam-soon that he wishes for Geum-ju’s death.


Hee-sik arrests Tae-ri, the woman who sold weightloss pills and takes her into custody. Meanwhile, Nam-soon witnesses Shi-o on call with a woman which ultimately triggers him and makes him act crazy. That evening, Hee-sik asks Nam-soon to stay at his place as it isn’t safe to be around Geum-ju. Geum-ju advices her secretary Na-young to stay safe as her face is a hot topic post the news she read. Geum-ju arranges bodyguards at Bong-go’s photo studio to protect Nam-in and him.

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A still from the series “Strong Girl Nam-soon”

Hee-sik interrogates Tae-ri and learns that the drug has been sold all over the country and that the antidote is made out of sea hare’s blood. He pulls her into his plan and releases her, asking her to pretend like she wasn’t arrested so she can gather important evidence for him. The next day, the police chief reads Dong-suk’s statement and calls Shi-o. The two have a discussion where Shi-o threatens the police officer and warns him that he should remain quiet to survive.

Shi-o also learns about Geum-ju’s son and husband but fails to find where her daughter is. At Shi-o’s cabin, Nam-soon states that she feels distant to him and wants to know everything about him. She asks him about the lab and he agrees to show it to her. Geum-ju gets followed by someone only to find out it is Song Bread’s assistant. She asks Song Bread to come to her office and questions him about his connection to Shi-o and the reason behind him visiting Russia. However he asks her to date her for him to tell certain things. This maddens Geum-ju.

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A still from the series “Strong Girl Nam-soon”

Hee-sik decides to show the puffer jacket via news and Geum-ju asks Na-young to go live on news. She gets on a taxi unaware of the danger ahead. The driver sprays a drug on her face and she doses off. Shi-o drops Nam-soon at her place (Hee-sik’s home) and gets a news about Na-young and leaves. At the telecast, Geum-ju realises Na-young is in danger. Nam-soon enters Hee-sik’s apartment and notices him sleeping. She carries him to his bed which awakens him. He asks her to not go and pulls her into the bed and the two share a kiss.

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A still from the series “Strong Girl Nam-soon”

Shi-o is allowing Nam-soon to know more about his life as he feels safe around her. Or is he suspicious of her and wants to make her believe he doesn’t suspect her? Could be or could be not. However, it doesn’t sit well with me that Shi-o blindly trusts Nam-soon given he is intelligent enough to check one’s background. Another hint in this episode about a possible friend of Shi-o could be the Opulentia guy Yong-woo as he is eager to pull down Pavel. Is it because he was one among the orphans who were mercilessly trained by them?

There is also a female figure in Ms. Beom in this drug business whose face is yet to be revealed. Is she the main villain that even Shi-o wants to destroy? So many answers are still pending and in the upcoming episodes, it will be revealed. Hopefully, Shi-o will turn into a good man.

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A still from the series “Strong Girl Nam-soon”

Strong Girl Nam-soon is streaming on Netflix. Let us know your thoughts about the series in the comment section.

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