Subtitles Vs. Dubbing—Here’s What “All of Us Are Dead” Actors Park Solomon And Cho Yi Hyun Really Think About The Debate

Ever since K-Dramas have started airing on Netflix, shows such as Squid Game and Single’s Inferno have seen their popularity rise at a huge rate. Recently, the latest show to take the world by storm is the zombie series, All of Us Are Dead. 

“All of Us Are Dead” cast | Netflix

Yet, this rising popularity raised the topic of whether people are watching the show with English subtitles or choosing to watch the series’ with English dubbing.

It has been a hot topic with many “calling out” those who choose to listen to the dubbing and others saying it isn’t wrong and any criticism is disrespectful to the voice actors. In particular, it sparked a debate for Squid Game after Marvel director Taika Waititi got involved.

It seems as if this time, the cast of All of Us Are Dead had their chance to say their opinions during a recent interview. The four main cast members (Yoon Chan YoungPark Ji HooCho Ji Hyun, and Park Solomon) recently sat down with NextShark and discussed the show’s influence globally.


The cast was asked about dubbing and what they thought of it during the video. In particular, the four cast members were asked the best way to view the show: with subtitles or dubbing.

Park Solomon, who plays Soo Hyuk, was the first to share his thoughts, and he stayed fairly neutral, explaining, “No matter how you watch it, the series will be fun.

Yet, he explained that if you choose to watch it with dubs, it is worth trying it again without.

I think watching it in our nation’s Korean has particular language and cultural aspects that you may enjoy. So, I think it would also be great to turn on subtitles and watch our performance in Korean.

— Park Solomon

Cho Yi Hyun also took what Park Solomon said and added her own views on the topic. She explained that she watched the English dubbed version and was extremely impressed with the actors playing their characters.

Yet, for her, there is something special about the experience of watching it with the real actors for authenticity.

I can confidentally say that watching our raw performance will allow you to have a much better experience.

— Cho Yi Hyun

She also explained that by watching the original with subtitles, you see more of what the characters are feeling because the Korean actors had to experience it in real life.

I would recommend watching the series in its original language. We were there and feeling the emotions like it was really happenening and filmed with a lot of focus, and all that went into each pant and breath.

— Cho Yi Hyun

Ji Hyun then once again emphasized how good the dubbing was but honestly added, “I believe we were able to perform those much better.”

As always, it seems as if more and more people are falling in love with Korean culture through K-Dramas and K-Pop. Whether people choose to watch it with dubs or not, there is no doubting its global dominance! You can read more about the show below.

You can watch the whole video below.

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