Super Radical Gag Family (2020)

Super Radical Gag Family is the latest drama from Japan with drama, family, comedy genre. The drama will premiere April 10, 2020 on TV Tokyo, TV Hokkaido, TV Aichi, TV Osaka, TV Setouchi, and TVQ Broadcasting Kyushu. This series will have new episodes every Friday, except on TV Osaka, which will air new episodes the following week every Monday.
“Super Radical Family Gag” takes over the 24:12 Tokyo Friday time slot TV which was previously occupied by “Kotaki Brothers and Shikuhakku.”
This drama was adapted from the manga series “Urayasu Tekkin Kazoku” by Kenji Hamaoka (published from 28 January 1993 to 21 February 2002 in the Weekly Shonen Champion manga magazine).

Drama Details
• Drama: Super Radical Gag Family
• Romaji: Urayasu Tekkin Kazoku
• Japanese: 浦 安 鉄 筋 家族
• Director: Toichiro Ruto
• Author: Kenji Hamaoka (manga), Makoto Ueda
• Network: TV Tokyo
• All episodes:
• Release Date: April 10, 2020 –
• Runtime: Friday 24:12
• Japanese language
• Japan

Synopsis of Super Radical Gag Family
Reporting from asianwiki – Super Radical Gag Family tells a family story in Urayasu City, Japan. The Osawagai family, including Daitetsu’s father (Jiro Sato), live in Urayasu, located near Tokyo. Families cause a variety of problems, which also affect their neighbors.
Cast and Character

Jiro Sato as Daitetsu Osawagi

This drama is an extreme home comedy from a family in Urayasu, Chiba, where a strong family, the Osawagi family, can make a fuss of trivial events!
Daisetsu, a member of the Osawagi family who has many uniqueness, and friends who live in the neighborhood. The Osawagi family will cause a severe storm in Japan before the Olympics!
Miki Mizuno as Junko Ōsawagi

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Osagigi’s wife, Daisetsu’s wife. He is a good chef and has problems with his son. Special skills offer.

Yukino Kishii as Sakura Ōsawagi

The oldest daughter of the Osawagi family. He looks the most appropriate (!?) In his family, but he is blind when dealing with his girlfriend. when dealing with his girlfriend he turns into a realistic girl who abandons everything and tries her best to protect her lover.

Chikara Honda as Haru awsawagi

The oldest son of the Osawagi family. Served as a guardian of the Osawagi family home in the anime / geek discovery.

Taiyō Saitō as Kotetsu Ōsawagi

The second son of the Osawagi family. He hates studying, but his school keeps records of continuous school attendance. A stupid elementary school student from Urayasu who keeps hanakuso behind his desk.

Toshio Sakata as Kintetsu awsawagi

ah from Daietsu and grandfather from Kotetsu. Loved his grandchildren and did the best for their family. An old man suffering from lower back pain, but has very reflex nerves. His hobby is listening to rock music.
Kinosuke as Yūta Ōsawagi

the third utra of the Osawagi family. A cute genius child like his mother. Occasional miracle.

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