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Surprising WWE Revenue Details From Saudi Shows vs. WrestleMania 

Crown Jewel 2022, the eighth premium live event in the WWE’s contentious deal with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, took place on November 5th. Despite various concerns about the event, all WWE talent returned safely, thereby making the event an overall success for the company. To say the Saudi events were economically secure for WWE would be an understatement.

As per Wrestlenomics, the PLEs in Saudi Arabia have generated a total of $400 million for the organisation over the last four years, an incredible amount for only eight shows. Wrestlenomics added that this dwarfs the combined ticket revenue from all 38 WrestleManias, which have produced approx $250 million accounting for inflation since 1985.

Crown Jewel event

This impressive figure comes only 4 years into WWE’s designed 10-year partnership with the Saudi government, which is set to last until 2027. While the events have been heavily scrutinised since the opening ceremony of Greatest Royal Rumble event in 2018, it looks unlikely that WWE will wrap up the partnership anytime in the near future.

The day before the Crown Jewel event, WWE executives Stephanie McMahon and Paul Levesque demonstrated the company’s strong relationship with Saudi Arabia by presenting a WWE Championship to the Chairman of the General Entertainment Authority for Saudi Arabia, Turki Al-Sheikh, as chants for Saudi Crown Prince echoed throughout the crowd.

Survivor Series

While the date of the next Saudi Arabia PLE is unknown, the company will most likely continue to fulfil its agreement to hold two events in the country each year. The Chief Content Officer of WWE, Paul Levesque, announced this week that WarGames will become a part of Survivor Series this November, represents the first time this match concept has been used at a WWE event. The veteran WCW staple was revived in 2017 in NXT, with so many matches occurring in this format since then.


WarGames includes a huge cage encircling two side-by-side rings. Throughout the bout, two teams of four or five wrestlers alternate entry into the structure to do battle. After revealing WarGames, Triple H discussed the possibility that we’ll see blood this time in what has traditionally been quite a crimson affair. I do not even think it’s feasible, said Levesque. If we have skill that gets cut open, you’ll usually see them roll out and get checked to make sure there was nothing risky.

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