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Surviving Summer Season 2 Review: YA Series Keeps Thriving Off Mediocrity

Surviving Summer Season 2 Review: This sports-drama series stars Sky Katz, Kate Beahan, Kai Lewins, Adrienne Pickering, Dustin Clare, Asmara Feik, Lillianna Bowrey, Chris Alosio, João Marinho, Savannah La Rain and others. The series, directed by Sian Davies and created by Joanna Werner and Josh Mapleston, has 8 episodes, each with a runtime of around 30 minutes.

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Surviving Summer Season 2 Plot

A year after the incidents of the first season, Summer is back in Shorehaven with a new dream – she wants to be on the State Team and compete alongside her friends. However, after spending so long away from each other and almost crashing their selection process, Summer’s wild antics leave her in a hot mess. Will her newfound passion pay off in spite of her free-spirited attitude and vengeful peers?

– Surviving Summer Season 2 Review Does Not Contain Spoilers –

Surviving Summer Season 2 Review

surviving summer season 2 review
Still From Surviving Summer Season 2

The first season of this YA surfing series was a predictable but sweet watch that benefited from its awesome surfing moments and rather innocent relationships. However, I have yet to understand the point of a second season when better shows out there aren’t getting the attention that they deserve. I mean, sure, you can enjoy this series without any thought at all, and thanks to the surfing, it’s going to be interesting, but this is another repetitive addition to the Netflix roster that just keeps on pumping these shows out.

Surviving Summer Season 2 is fun and entertaining for everyone who needs a break from all the heavy shows around. It’s basically how YA shows go – Summer wants nothing more than to surf, she’s a rebel who has no idea about consequences, she has a hot and cold relationship with Ari, who’s dating Wren, and the latter isn’t in the mood to share the spotlight. There’s drama, some good surfing sequences, and different people with different small issues that get solved throughout the runtime of the series.

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Surviving Summer Season 2
Still From Surviving Summer Season 2

As I mentioned previously, it’s quite entertaining; there are fun moments that make you laugh and relatable moments that will leave you rooting for the characters. It’s a good watch for young adults who get to see the challenges of growing up and have a fun time while at it. That being said, our protagonist, Summer, is an oddball of a person – she makes these crazy decisions without thinking of consequences because she is rewarded for them eventually. It’s one thing to break through and shoot your shot; it’s another to flirt with a man who has a girlfriend or set the house on fire.


Although she’s not a vengeful or harmful character, her free spirit translates to being annoying and sometimes selfish, which can cause issues when you are interacting with others. She’s not too good a person in general, even bulldozing her friends to get what she wants. Thus, it’s weird that everyone sees her as this beautiful soul who can do no bad when she is constantly proved otherwise.

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Still From Surviving Summer Season 2
Still From Surviving Summer Season 2

Other than that, we get to see the business side of surfing as everyone is growing up and facing new challenges as they run towards their goals and dreams. The business side is interesting and adds more drama to the show, which in itself is quite dramatic, with youngsters having petty disputes to boot. Wren’s whole animosity with Summer is so childish and comes out of nowhere and feels childish, but interestingly enough, it fits right in with the childishness happening all over.

Sky Katz plays the role of Summer Torres well, a woman who doesn’t understand that you can’t just burn down someone’s house because they looked at you funny. She’s fun and makes questionable decisions that make her the perfect protagonist in this surfing drama. Meanwhile, Annabel Wolfe’s Wren is the perfect antagonist who has the capability to destroy people’s lives, but fortunately (or unfortunately), this isn’t that show. Everyone else is also quite cute and makes watching this somewhat nice, although none of this is to say that the series is a heart stealer by any means.

Saving Summer Season 2 Review: Final Thoughts

Still From Surviving Summer Season 2
Still From Surviving Summer Season 2

In the end, season 2 is much like its predecessor and is a stale watch that is sometimes fun and entertaining, thanks to its surf sequences. Apart from that, this YA series is a fun watch, if you want to watch something that won’t let you think too deeply about anything for 8 episodes.

Saving Summer is streaming on Netflix.

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