Swin To Sky (2020) Cast & Summary

Drama Info:

Title: Swin To Sky (腾空之约) Teng Kong Zhi Yue
Episodes: 24
Release Date: July 15, 2020
Film Location: Shenzhen
Summary: The drama is adapted from the manga of the same name and follows mermaid girl Yu Xiao Yu as she joins the Ying Lan diving team. It’s a story of growing up together with Ling Kong and Ling Chen, legendary coach Chen Tian, diving goddess Zhi Ya, as they challenge the “Teng Kong Agreement”.

Plot Synoposis:

Genius diving girl Yu Xiao Yu accidentally meets rich son Ling Kong and becomes a part of the giant Ling family as a stepmother.

Due to her extraordinary flying abilities she joins the diving team of Ying Lang College and challenges herself through diving competitions.

She works with Ling Kong and leads the diving team to break through many tests, as they challenge their youthfulness, growth, and many confrontations.

Cast & Characters:

Hu Bing Qing 胡冰卿 as Yu Xiao Yu 余小鱼

Yu Xiaoyu is a mermaid, and came from the mermaid to the human world. She is innocent, and has just entered the difficult and complex “human world”. Not only does she have to adapt to living on land but she navigates through a series of romantic and hilarious incidents. She is optimistic and kind, never gives up, and has a persistent attitude, always chasing after her dreams.

Fan Shi Qi 范世錡 as Ling Kong 凌空

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Ling Kong participates in the diving competition “Take-off Agreement”. He grows up from being a diving rookie to pro, meeting his opponents head on, and gradually develops feelings with mermaid Yu Xiao Yu.

Supporting Characters

Ren Yun Jie 任运杰 as Chen Tian 陈天

The face of a 30 year old. He is a legendary coach in the diving world, gentle and skillful. Like a considerate uncle for Xiao Yu, he can solve her inner doubts, giving Xiao Yu warmth, confidence, and provide diving training for her. Chen Tian is too calm and objective, and he has never been able to completely capture the heart of the optimistic and free-loving mermaid.

Cheng Shuo Nan 程硕男 as Ling Chen 凌晨

Male, 19 years old. The adopted son of Ling Zhi Xuan, he has a warm personality and always protects Xiao Yu.

Song Qing Lin 宋庆琳 as Lin Zhi Ya 林稚雅

Female, 18 years old. She is the school beauty of Ying Lan College, the goddess of the diving team, and enters a love triangle with Xiao Yu and Ling Kong.

Sun Ze Yuan 孙泽源 as Rong Zi 荣仔

Male, 18 years old. He is a mama’s boy and Xiao Yu’s best friend. Rong Zi is kindhearted, has asthma, but always sticks to his dream.

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