Sydney Sweeney of Euphoria Spotted With Supposedly Engagement Ring


Simon Leviev, well known as the “Tinder Swindler,” has been taken advantage of in an Instagram scam.

Reported  sources close with the subject… Last Thursday, Simon was contacted via Instagram by a woman who had verified her identity. By pretending he worked for Mark Zuckerberg’s software business, Meta, she said she could assist Simon and Kate Konlin get verified on Instagram.

A lot of effort was put in by the suspected scammers… In a bustling office — seeming to be at Meta, with workers walking about behind him — Simon Facetimed the BF.

For him to be able to remove his false “Metamates” and his associated accounts, he needed to pay a hefty sum of money, according to the fake “Metamate.” There were two different PayPal transactions: one for him, and one for his girlfriend.

Soon after, Simon’s manager became skeptical of the agreement and contacted a real member of the Meta team, who informed them that they don’t charge for verifications. In order to avoid being exposed as scammers, they deleted their online identities, including their Instagram profiles, before anybody could point them out. This allowed the fraudsters to make off with the money.


By using Tinder to con women out of more than $10 million, Simon is said to have defrauded several women. A criminal court case from the Leviev family, whom he has no genuine connection to, was filed against him lately. Since then, he has had “enemies” following him.

Simon’s Instagram account was legitimately verified on Tuesday afternoon, thanks to his manager’s contact with Meta.

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