Symphony’s Romance Cast & Summary

Drama Info:

Title: Symphony’s Romance (蜗牛与黄鹂鸟) Wo Niu Yu Huang Li Niao
Episodes: 40
Release Date: June 21, 2020
Film Location: Shanghai, Paris
Summary: The drama is based on the classic manga “Symphony Dream”, which tells the sweet youth love story between the confused “piano geek” Fang Xiao Wo and the arrogant “piano prince” Li Zhen Yan.

Plot Synoposis:

Li Zhenyan, a top student in the piano department, dreams of becoming a conductor. But he is hesitant due to traumatic events from his childhood.

While he is lost and frustrated with life, he meets music geek Fang Xiao Wo. Her music style is unrestrained, pure, and energetic. He and Xiao Wo develop a deep bond and resonate with one another through music. They slowly open their hearts and rekindle the pursuit of their dreams.

At the same time, the two fall in love and become dependent on each other. With the support and encouragement of each other, they face their inner fears and embark on a journey of pursuing music and their dreams together.

Cast & Characters:
Lin Yun

Lin Yun 林允 as Fang Xiao Wo 方小莴

She hates exams and feels comfortable in her own world. She is a romantic and creative piano geek.

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Zhang Xin Cheng

Zhang Xin Cheng 张新成 as Li Zhen Yan 李臻言

He hates messes and his father, and imposes strict discipline on himself. Zhen Yan dreams to be a world-class conductor and a top pianist.

Supporting Characters
Ning Huan Yu

Ning Huan Yu 宁桓宇 as Tian Yi Song 田毅松

He puts in his all to become the best conductor.

Ning Li

Ning Li 宁理 as Fei She Er 费舍尔

He seems cynical, but in fact is an old naughty strategist. He is an internationally well-known Chinese conductor.

Fang Yuan

Fang Yuan 方圆 as Jiang Cai Wei 蒋采薇

Confident and independent, her dream is to sing at the Belvedere in Vienna’s Golden Hall.

Drama Posters:
Symphony’s Romance Still 1
Symphony’s Romance Still 2
Chinese Drama Symphony’s Romance Still 3
Chinese Drama Symphony’s Romance Still 4
Symphony’s Romance Still 5
Symphony’s Romance Still 6

Airing Schedule

Airing Schedule

Start: June 21, 2020
Frequency: 2 episodes every Sunday to Thursday, 1 episode every Friday and Saturday
End: July 13, 2020

OST Playlist

Ai De Ren Yao Zai Yi Qi 爱的人要在一起 by Lin Yun & Zhang Xin Cheng 林允、张新成

Meng Xiang De Mo Yang 梦想的模样 by Zhang Xin Cheng 张新成

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