Tall Girl 2 Age Rating, Parents Guide, And More Details About The Movie Tall Girl 2

Tall Girl 2 Age Rating

If you ask about Tall Girl 2 Age Rating, it is TV-PG. TV-PG means that the movie may contain some scenes that some parents may consider to be inappropriate for their children to watch. The movie is appropriate for kids above age 10.

Tall Girl 2 Parent Guide

Tall Girl 2 does not have any violence in it. The movie talks mainly about bullying in the life of a high school girl. This is more relatable to many youngsters. Then speaking about swear words and f-bombs, there are no such words used in the movie. So, we can say it is language appropriate. The second movie (Tall Girl 2) deals with the anxiety and stress that the girl faces. This is also a common problem for many of us. This is not just for teenagers, people at every stage face different kinds of stress and anxiety. There are some kissing scenes, but nothing more than that. On the whole, the movie may help overcome our inner demons!

Tall Girl 2 IMDb Rating

IMDb has given a rating of 4.7 out of 10. The movie depicts some scenes of bullying in high school, some scenes of drinking wine, and of course, it’s Netflix! So there are some romance scenes. But nothing inappropriate. Jodi Kreyman’s miscommunications cause rifts with those around her as she grows in prominence, and she now needs to stand tall for real. The story also deals with depictions of stress and anxiety, which our main lead has to face and go through. So it can also be taken in a good way, that children learn to open up how they feel to someone close to them.

Tall Girl 2 Plot

The movie’s main character Jodi, which was played by Ava Michelle is no longer the “tall girl” after her motivational speech at the homecoming dance; she’s popular, confident, has a boyfriend, and has just landed the main role in this year’s school musical. However, as the strain of her newfound fame mounts, so do her vulnerabilities, and new connections emerge while old ones are put to the test. Jodi finds that standing tall was only the beginning as the world she crafted begins to unravel around her.

Jodi appears to have overcome her fears from the first film, she is quickly confronted by a negative inner voice in the second one. It’s similar to the voice we’ve all heard in our heads, telling us we’re not good enough from time to time. Throughout the film, Jodi fights the inner voice that consumes her.


Jodi faces typical adolescent difficulties in addition to dealing with her inner voice. Jodi carries a lot of weight on her shoulders between the boy she’s dating, her friendships, bullying, the musical, and her uncomfortable parents. She is under a great deal of stress and feels completely frustrated.


Tall Girl 2 Cast

Here is a list of Tall Girl 2 Cast,

Cast Name Character Name
Ava Michelle Jodi Kreyman
Sabrina Carpenter  Harper Kreyman
Griffin Gluck Jack Dunkleman
Luke Eisner Stig Mohlin
Anjelika Washington Fareeda Marks
Rico Paris Schnipper
Johanna Liauw Stella Mohlin
Clara Wilsey Kimmy Stitcher
Steve Zahn Richie Kreyman
Angela Kinsey Helaine Kreyman
Jan Luis Castellanos Tommy Torres
Chris Wylde Corey Dunkleman
Rachael Thompson Ms. Lee
Odessa Feaster Fareeda’s mom
Doug Spearman Fareeda’s dad

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