TFN (T1419)’s Sian To Go On Hiatus Due To Sensorineural Hearing Loss

TFN (formerly known as T1419)’s Sian will temporarily be halting all activities due to health concerns.

On October 24, MLD Entertainment officially announced that Sian would be sitting out TFN’s upcoming comeback due to experiencing “dizziness and headaches caused by symptoms of sensorineural hearing loss.”

TFN—who debuted as T1419 before changing their group name earlier this month—is currently gearing up to make a comeback with the new mini album “BEFORE SUNRISE Part. 4” on October 26.

MLD Entertainment’s full statement is as follows:

Hello, this is MLD Entertainment.


First, we sincerely thank all the fans who love TFN.

We are making an announcement regarding TFN’s Sian’s health and, accordingly, plans for his future activities.

Sian has complained of dizziness and headaches caused by symptoms of sensorineural hearing loss, and so he will not be able to participate in the official promotions for [TFN’s] mini album “BEFORE SUNRISE Part. 4,” which will be released on October 26.

We believed that we needed to consider our artist’s health our top priority, so it was decided that Sian would focus on recovering his health.

As a result, TFN will temporarily be promoting with eight members.

As we made this decision with our artist’s health as our top priority, we ask for fans’ understanding.

We apologize for giving you cause for concern with this sudden news, and we will work hard and do our utmost to help our artist get plenty of rest and recover his health.

Thank you.

We hope Sian feels much better soon!

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