The ten Most Common Pokémon Pre-Scarlet & Violet, In accordance To The Pokémon Of The Yr Ballot

With Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet coming in November of 2022, loads of new fan favorites will quickly be added to the storied franchise.

Because of an official ballot that got here out after Sword & Protect, followers know who the most well-liked Pokémon are earlier than Scarlet & Violet are launched. The Pokémon of the Yr ballot had each classics and new Pokémon alike within the prime 10, proving a Scarlet & Violet Pokémon has an actual likelihood of constructing it into the following ballot’s prime 10.


10 Gengar

Ash's Gengar smiling in the Pokémon anime.

The Ghost/Poison-type Gengar nonetheless holds up as one of many sport’s strongest Pokémon, and the tenth place specter has been a fan favourite because the very first Pokémon video games.

Gengar’s recognition is not solely attributed to its older standing, the Pokémon has a really cool design and has been closely current in Pokémon media. A Gengar was a serious character within the Thriller Dungeon video games in addition to the official Pokémon anime. It is not onerous to see why the Ghost is so beloved.

9 Gardevoir

Gardevoir from Pokemon tv series

The Psychic/Fairy-type Gardevoir is definitely certainly one of technology 3s hottest Pokémon, and its magnificence and robust persona have all the time shone via, touchdown it in ninth place.

Gardevoir has been current with an enormous function in a number of video games, serving as Walley’s ace in Ruby & Sapphire in addition to Diantha’s ace in X & Y. The Pokémon has additionally been used as a serious character in Thriller Dungeon. As one of many iconic third-generation Pokémon, Gardevoir is a cornerstone of the sequence.

8 Rayquaza

Pokemon Rayquaza 3D Model

At eighth place is the gen 3 Flying/Dragon legendary and chief of the super-ancient trio or “climate trio:” Rayquaza.

Rayquaza has a implausible design and is without doubt one of the stronger Pokémon within the sport, particularly in its mega type. The Pokémon’s function in Emerald made it an enormous fan-favorite, and it is not an enormous shock that Rayquaza was the top-scoring of any legendary within the Pokémon of the Yr ballot.

7 Garchomp

Garchomp in the Pokémon anime

The Floor/Dragon-type pseudo legendary Garchomp got here in seventh place, making it the highest-rated pseudo legendary within the franchise.

Regardless of an insanely excessive evolution stage, many gamers nonetheless take an early Gabite of their playthroughs when accessible. It is each the signature Pokémon of beloved champion Cynthia in addition to a Pokémon utilized by many gamers in their very own playthroughs. The pseudo legendary is definitely worthy of its spot within the prime 10.

6 Sylveon

Sylveon smiling in the Pokémon anime.

In sixth place is the Fairy-type evolution of Eevee in Sylveon. The specifically defensive Eeveelution serves a supportive function on most groups however can do massive injury with Hyper Voice as nicely.

Eevee is clearly very cute, however certainly one of its evolutions is arguably cuter: Sylveon. Sylveon is arguably the strongest Eeveelution along with being one of many cutest, so it is not onerous to see why the Pokémon is so beloved. The technology 6 Eeveelution can be the latest within the franchise.

5 Umbreon

Gary's Umbreon Pokemon

In fifth place is the most well-liked Eeveelution, Umbreon. Launched within the second batch of Eeveelutions together with Espeon, Umbreon has been a fan favourite ever since.

Umbreon is without doubt one of the most beloved Pokémon ever for good cause. It has a implausible but easy design, some of the iconic shiny variants within the sport, and it was a starter Pokémon in Colosseum for the GameCube. Umbreon has additionally been nicely represented within the TCG, the anime, and is a stable tank in aggressive play.

4 Charizard

Charizard flying in the animated tv series

In 4th place is Charizard, some of the recognizable Pokémon in the complete sequence. The Hearth/Flying lizard is a powerhouse with 2 mega evolutions and a gigantimax type.

Charizard and the undefeatable champion Leon are one of many prime Pokémon/Coach pairs within the franchise, however Charizards have additionally made intense bonds with characters like Alain and Ash. The Pokémon is so iconic that TCG gamers have a phrase referred to as “Charizard tax” to explain how way more costly Charizards are than different comparable playing cards.

3 Mimikyu


A stunning inclusion within the prime 3 is the Fairy/Ghost-type Mimikyu, the Pikachu imposter recognized for its partnership with Workforce Rocket within the anime.

Pikachu knockoffs are a typical a part of each new Pokémon sport, however Mimikyu takes it even additional and turns into a straight-up Pikachu impersonator. Not solely did the Pokémon impersonate the electrical mouse, it outplaced Pikachu by practically 20 spots within the ballot.

2 Lucario

Lucario Shown in Bidoof's Big Stand

In 2nd place is the jackal Pokémon itself: Lucario. The Metal/Preventing dual-type has been a fan favourite since its launch in technology 4.

Lucario is without doubt one of the strongest Pokémon accessible early in any sport, and it may be caught particularly early in Black 2 & White 2 as a Riolu. Lucario can be among the many Pokémon utilized by Cynthia, and it is also been utilized by Ash within the anime. It might even lead Ash to victory within the new Masters 8 arc.

1 Greninja

Ash-Greninja jumps and prepares to attack in the Pokemon anime

In 1st place is the ninja frog and beloved water starter itself: Greninja. Shockingly, the most well-liked Pokémon of all time turned out to be from gen 6.

Greninja is current in nearly each aspect of Pokémon media. It was Ash’s ace Pokémon for Kalos, was the strongest Pokémon in gen 6 aggressive singles earlier than being banned, and has an honest presence within the TCG. The Pokémon is a drive to be reckoned with and is definitely one of many coolest starters.

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