The ten Strongest Characters In Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Ranked

With Spy X Household changing into the moment smash hit of the Spring 2022 anime season, yet one more anime shoots to the highest of the rankings, probably difficult Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood for the primary spot on MyAnimeList’s high anime rankings.

But no matter whether or not Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is surpassed or not as the highest anime, its story, messages, and characters will at all times stay one of the vital well-known and beloved sequence to have ever been created. However that stated, which of Hiromu Arakawa’s characters are quantifiably the strongest? The reply lies within the characters’ abilities, capacity, and battle intelligence.


10 Main Alex Louis Armstrong

Alex Louis Armstrong from Full Metal Alchemist

Generally known as the “Sturdy-Arm Alchemist,” Main Armstrong is a continuing comedic presence fueled by his well-meaning persona, however usually misguided aggrandizement of his spectacular physique. He additionally serves as Edward Elric’s bodyguard after Edward’s automail arm was destroyed and he wanted to journey to his hometown Resembool to have it mounted.

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Armstrong is an especially tall and muscular fighter who, regardless of his measurement, is extraordinarily nimble and a very good boxer. He pairs his boxing abilities together with his earth-based Alchemy abilities to struggle in each shut quarters, in addition to hurl pointed stones at mid-range. He’s proven to be robust sufficient to totally cease the homunculus Sloth at full pace with pure brute drive.

9 “Previous Man” Fu

Old Man Fu frowning in Fullmetal Alchemist.

The Grandfather of Lan Fan and one among two guards tasked with defending Ling Yao, Fu was launched when the Elric Brothers and Winry journey to Rush Valley at Winry’s request. He’s an especially loyal guard and grandfatherly determine in direction of Ling Yao.

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Fu is an distinctive hand-to-hand fighter in a position to struggle on equal phrases with King Bradley for a short while. As a ninja, he has distinctive pace, is extremely clever, and has mastery over short-swords, knives, and an assortment of throwing weapons. As a Xingese martial artist, he’s additionally educated to find and battle enemies by sensing their Chi’s.

8 Main Normal Olivier Mira Armstrong

Olivier Mira Armstrong looking angry in Fullmetal Alchemist.

Generally known as “The Northern Wall of Briggs,” Main Normal Armstrong has been tasked with defending her nation Amestris from the antagonistic nation Drachma. She guidelines Briggs with an iron fist and evokes unshakable loyalty in her subordinates and worry in anybody who dares oppose her whether or not buddy or foe.

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Although not an Alchemist, Olivier has brute power that far outclasses her youthful brother, Alex, which is seen when she destroys their household residence by throwing him via it. She is a grasp tactician and wonderful swordsman, which she reveals in her tag-team suppression of the Homunculus Sloth, in addition to by defeating quite a few Immortal Dolls.

7 Greed/ Ling Yao “Greeling”

Greed and Edward fight in fullmetal alchemist

Ling Yao searches for the Thinker’s Stone to be able to discover the key of immortality and declare the royal title of Emperor of Xing. Ling Yao willingly takes in a Thinker’s Stone, which is the core of the Homunculus Greed, this permits Greed management of Ling’s physique in change for his cooperation and power.

Ling Yao is a grasp swordsman and is extremely educated in Xingese martial arts, permitting him to sense Chi and by extension sense the areas of enemies Homunculi. Whereas they can’t use one another’s abilities concurrently, with Greed now an extension of Ling, it offers him the facility of The Final Defend which permits Greed’s physique to harden to the power of Diamond. The flexibility to alternate powers serves Greeling in a number of fights in opposition to enemy homunculus.

6 Alphonse Elric

Alphonse kneeling and paying his respects in Fullmetal Alchemist

Alphonse Elric is the youthful brother of Edward Elric and an especially educated alchemist and fighter. He and his brother Ed spend a big majority of their time researching and monitoring down potential Thinker’s Stones to revive his and his brother’s our bodies.

Alphonse is an exceptionally educated Alchemist for his age and is simply rivaled by his older brother, Ed. His contact with “Reality” gave him a good higher data of Alchemy, which he gained in change for his total physique. Except for his Alchemy abilities, Alphonse is an exceptionally gifted hand-to-hand fighter, with Ed even admitting that Alphonse is the higher fighter.

5 Scar

Mei grunts at Scar

A former Ishvalan Monk whose precise identify has by no means been revealed, Scar was given his nickname for the distinguishable X-shaped scar he has on his face. He turned an notorious legal when he went round main cities in Amestris to search out and kill State Alchemists as a type of revenge for what State Alchemists did to his folks the Ishvalans.

As a former Ishvalan Monk, Scar has distinctive virtually super-human power which, when paired together with his capacity to destroy objects on an alchemical degree granted by his proper arm, makes him an exceptionally expert and lethal hand-to-hand combatant. He was in a position to at one level struggle off each Ed and Alphonse singlehandedly and solely retreated after taking a number of gunshot wounds and being surrounded by dozens of alchemists and troopers.

4 Colonel Roy Mustang

Roy Mustang clutches his glove furiously on fullmetal alchemist

With a lazy demeanor and womanizing perspective, Mustang is launched as an unreliable but surprisingly proficient Alchemist and authorities official. Mustang can also be the explanation why Ed determined to aim to change into licensed as a State Alchemist by promising him the flexibility and funds to hunt out the Thinker’s Stone, which might solely be doable via the navy’s assets.

Mustang is the strongest Fireplace Alchemist seen within the sequence. He was taught by Berthold Hawkeye, who perfected fireplace alchemy earlier than his passing and handed his data onto Mustang. By using particular gloves to help his transmutation, he has distinctive command of his flames, together with his proper hand specializing in large-scale explosions and his left hand specializing in pinpoint firepower. Considered one of his most notable achievements was the whole destruction of a homunculus single-handedly.

3 Wrath/ Fuhrer King Bradley

A close-up of Wrath looking serious in Fullmetal Alchemist.

The Fuhrer of Amestris and chief of the complete Amestrian navy, King Bradley is essentially the most influential and vital particular person in all of Amestris. He’s later revealed to be a homunculus who hides his defining Ouroboros tattoo behind his eyepatch. Whereas usually showing carefree, he’s at all times on guard and ever vigilant.

As a homunculus, Bradley possesses excessive therapeutic talents that allow him recuperate from deadly wounds immediately in addition to an “all-seeing eye” that he can use to see via any materials permitting him to struggle in whole darkness and low visibility. As well as, Bradley was educated from a younger age in techniques, historical past, hand-to-hand fight, and swordsmanship, making him one of the vital singularly harmful characters within the sequence.

2 Father

Father stands over Hohenheim in fullmetal alchemist

Father is the results of the primary homunculus often known as “The Dwarf within the Flask” utilizing the souls of the complete Kingdom of Xerces to grant him and his benefactor Van Hoenheim immortality. Nonetheless, his lust for energy led him to plan to make use of the a lot bigger nation of Amestris in the same solution to primarily change into a god.

With the facility and vitality he obtained from absorbing tons of of hundreds of human souls, apart from possessing immortality, he regenerates from usually deadly accidents quickly, in addition to is ready to break all conventional guidelines of alchemy. He’s additionally the creator of the homunculus that are offshoots of himself and solely maintain a fraction of the entire energy he wields.

1 Edward Elric

Edward frowning and looking up in Fullmetal Alchemist

Edward Elric is the primary character of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and works as a State Alchemist for the Amestrian navy to analysis the Thinker’s Stone in his try to revive his and his brother’s our bodies.

On high of his personal devoted learning he did alongside his brother, Ed studied below the “house-wife” Izumi Curtis, who accomplished his Alchemic coaching in addition to taught him his distinctive hand-to-hand fight abilities. These abilities, alongside together with his extremely imaginative thoughts and the flexibility to make use of alchemy with out making a transmutation circle, enable him to rapidly assault and dodge different opponents’ assaults. Whereas Ed has had many losses in opposition to these opponents, he is had simply as many wins in opposition to unbelievably robust foes who couldn’t usually be crushed. He’s undoubtedly a tough match for any enemy.

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