The ten Worst Episodes Of The Complete Franchise, In accordance To Reddit

With the current premiere of Star Trek: Unusual New Worlds, there’s cause to consider Star Trek is approaching new heights with its trademark storytelling. Nonetheless, for a franchise that’s greater than a half-century previous, there have been events the place some Trek adventures have been poor of their writing or depiction of race, gender, or historic context.

Just lately, a number of Reddit feeds have been created to debate the worst efforts within the 55-year-old franchise’s historical past. Some incidents date again to the Sixties whereas others have been newer when three Trek collection, The Subsequent Era, Deep Area 9, and Voyager carried the torch of Gene Roddenberry’s imaginative and prescient for humanity’s future.


Transfer Alongside Residence – DS9

The cast of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Visiting dignitaries from the Gamma Quadrant are enraged when Quark launches one in every of his playing schemes in opposition to them. Consequently, Commander Benjamin Sisko, Kira Nerys, Jadzia Dax, and Julian Bashir grow to be pawns, imprisoned inside a recreation assemble that is known as Chula by the visiting Wadi and should thwart boobytraps to flee.

For Redditor tsaler who has excessive regard for DS9 as an entire “however this episode had me so offended at losing that hour of my life that by no means might be reclaimed!” The premise simply irked them with the “hopscotch and foolish verses.” Equally, rulipari discovered the premise unsatisfactory as a result of “there simply is not any pressure on this story as a result of…this recreation does not pose any hazard to anyone concerned.”

The Means To Eden – TOS

A band of area hippies led by the eccentric Dr. Sevrin comes aboard the Enterprise ranting a few legendary paradise referred to as Eden and calls for Captain Kirk escort them. Among the many group is an previous flame of Ensign Chekov’s named Irina. Kirk believes their claims are ludicrous whereas Spock finds benefit of their religious pursuits. Sevrin, being the son of a diplomat, forces Kirk’s hand.

The third season of authentic Star Trek is nothing to jot down dwelling about, based on many Redditors however fishey_me finds this episode “tooth-grindingly dangerous,” including the uninteresting “singing area hippies and the ‘herbert, herbert, herbert,’ BS is simply annoying.” Fingersdrippingink echoed that opinion commenting throughout their first viewing, “I bought so irritated, I turned it off.”

Shades Of Grey – TNG

Commander Riker falls right into a coma after contracting a mysterious virus. He begins to relive previous recollections in his goals, together with some somewhat horrific encounters, equivalent to being swallowed by the murderous alien Armus in “Pores and skin of Evil.” Though separated from Counselor Troi for a few years, their ardour turns into the first weapon to fight the illness’s development till a treatment is discovered.

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Regardless of this episode airing on the time of a author’s strike in Hollywood did not excuse its poor execution, based on Redditors like inclination64069 questioning if the showrunners “may have taken a random fan script and made a greater episode.” Respondent Rainyday156 wrote “the complete episode is mainly a rehash of stuff we have already seen,” referring to Riker’s goals that have been inventory footage of previous episodes.

The Paradise Syndrome – TOS

When he’s probed by an historical interface on a distant world, Captain Kirk emerges, with amnesia, earlier than a tribe of Indigenous individuals as their savior and is instantly named Medication Chief after saving a boy from drowning. Some tribesmen, nonetheless, aren’t satisfied of Kirk’s divinity and plot to kill him, particularly after the daughter of the chief is promised to Kirk. In the meantime, Spock and the Enterprise race to curtail the trail of an approaching asteroid.

Redditor sunny_bell understood the stereotypical depiction of minorities on tv within the Sixties was frequent however “simply because it was a product of its time does not imply we will not take a look at it and go ‘that is fallacious’.” Of their opinion, Trek‘s illustration of Indigenous individuals hasn’t improved citing Chakotay of Voyager’s writing “he’s a mishmash of a number of tribe traditions with no actual respect for the tribe he’s alleged to be from.”

Spock’s Mind – TOS

Spocks Brain from Star Trek

A subdued Enterprise crew awaken to search out Spock’s mind completely pilfered by an unknown assailant. Kirk, Scotty, and McCoy hint the thief to a close-by planet the place its inhabitants guard a malfunctioning supercomputer. McCoy makes use of Spock’s implanted consciousness to show him the surgical methods wanted to revive his physique.

Some episodes of Star Trek appear far-reaching and absurd as Redditor archyprof explains by writing the third season opener “all the time appeared so excessive,” including “it appears humorous, however they’re so critical about it…and I could not determine in the event that they have been attempting to be tremendous critical or intentionally tongue in cheek.”

Sub Rosa – TNG

Crusher and the entity form Sub Rosa

Dr. Beverly Crusher inherits the house of her grandmother following her dying. Being her inspiration for getting into drugs, she makes an attempt to study extra about her grandmother’s life. Her curiosity peeks when she reads a diary entry a few secret lover that seems to be a malicious spirit haunting her household for generations. The entity then makes an attempt to bond with Crusher and hijack the Enterprise.

Redditor crapusername47 remembers the episode because the one “the place Star Trek tries to do a spooky ghost story by which Crusher turns into an fool on a planet full of horrible Scottish stereotypes.” Redditor vanKessZak thought they detected some similarities between it and one other work of fiction writing “that elements of it simply really feel like a rip-off of Anne Rice’s e-book The Witching Hour.”

Tuvix – Voyager

Tuvix on Star Trek Voyager

A transporter accident leaves Tuvok and Neelix merged creating Tuvix. He begins to perform as a member of Voyager‘s crew and kind a brand new id. Nonetheless, Kes’s melancholy from dropping each her life companion and religious advisor troubles Captain Kathryn Janeway who makes a morally questionable determination to pressure Tuvix again by the transporter to undo the transformation.

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Redditor nubosis felt puzzled by the story’s decision asking, “would not they bear in mind how tousled it felt to be dragged away by that?” referring to Janeway’s order that Tuvix be terminated to revive each males to regular. In addition they wrote “no reflection on how they did a doubtlessly horrible factor,” which created an ambiguous ending.

These Are The Voyages – Enterprise

Archer T'Pol Enterprise Finale

In a shock twist, the ultimate voyage of the NX-01 Enterprise is seen by a holographic simulation witnessed by Riker 0n board the Enterprise-D simply earlier than the occasions of “The Pegasus.” Riker is apprehensive about his former commander, Eric Pressman, coming to go to him. To deal with his stress, Troi suggests he search knowledge from Captain Jonathan Archer and his closing mission aboard the NX-o1 simply earlier than the formation of the Federation.

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The collection finale of Star Trek: Enterprise drew uncompromising outrage from Redditors with Fingersdrippingink calling it the “the worst Star Trek episode ever made,” additional writing “I am nonetheless dumbfounded that it was made as, “a love letter to the followers.” Redditor LordRavenholm, in an expletive-filled rant felt it ruined the ultimate season and was “just about the top of horrible in each method possible.”

Threshold – Voyager

threshold from Star Trek Voyager

Throughout a dangerous experiment to attain warp 10, Lt. Tom Paris begins to exhibit indicators of superior evolution. As time passes, The Physician can’t confirm the reason for his sudden mutation. Janeway companions with Paris to recreate the experiment within the hope of reversing the results however they discover themselves on an remoted planet absolutely developed as a lizard species with offspring.

A Redditor nicknamed nidalee-forever referred to this early Voyager journey as “simply the weirdest Star Trek plot I’ve ever seen,” a few pet mission inflicting drastic evolutionary modifications to Paris with mikeandjerryreview agreeing “it was very unsettling” to see Voyager‘s helmsman and captain as two lizards in a swamp.

Code of Honor – TNG

In episode 4 of Star Trek: The Subsequent Era, their mission was to amass a vaccine discovered solely on Ligon II, a planet inhabited by an all-dark-skinned tribe. The monarch there agrees to the trade however kidnaps Lt. Natasha Yar as a comfort prize to grow to be his spouse. The queen, nonetheless, is angered by her husband’s actions and claims the ceremony of difficult her would-be successor to a battle to the dying.

The episode’s egregious stereotypes have been clear to Redditor SGTBillyShears stating “the dangerous man is a black man dwelling on a planet of primitives who kidnaps a white woman…” and “…speaks in a tribal accent…” Redditor Corgana agreed “Code of Honor” hasn’t aged properly to the purpose that “it is only a cringe-worthy horribly-written pile of puke.”

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