The Avengers Simply Proved They’re the Actual Motive Hulk Is So Harmful

As an enormous battle between Hulk, Thor, and Iron Man begins in earnest, Marvel proves the Avengers flip the Inexperienced Goliath right into a menace.

Warning: comprises a preview for Thor #25!

As soon as once more, the Avengers are proving they’ve realized nothing from their earlier confrontations with the Hulk. A preview for Thor #25 exhibits that Earth’s Mightiest Heroes maintain treating Bruce Banner as an enemy to be attacked or managed, slightly than a possible ally who it is attainable to take care of by compromise.

Hulk is a founding member of the Avengers, however his tenure on the group was short-lived. Regardless of Bruce Banner appearing as a hero most of the time, when the Inexperienced Goliath meets the Avengers it is often as a result of the latter are looking him, attempting to place a cease to his harmful rampages. It’s true that the Hulk personifies unbridled rage, and Banner’s unstable character means that he’s liable to shedding management, however the Avengers ought to have realized by now that there’s nothing to realize by treating the Hulk as a menace, they usually are inclined to overlook what number of occasions this method has turned in opposition to them, creating extra issues than it solves, most notably in World Conflict Hulk.


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Most not too long ago, the Hulk has been the reason for a mysterious catastrophe in El Paso, which brought about quite a few deaths. After that, Bruce took management of his interior monster by rebuilding his psyche right into a “spaceship” of which he has full management, caging the Hulk’s character inside an “engine room,” the place his rage is used as gas. With that loopy new outlook, Bruce has entered a dimensional portal to the unknown to be left alone, however the Avengers are nonetheless pursuing him. Thor was the primary one to seek out him, and the 2 are at present engaged in an all-out battle, whereas the remainder of Earth’s heroes are debating what to do. As proven in a Marvel preview for Thor #25, by Donny Cates, Martin Coccolo, Matt Wilson, and Joe Sabino, the dominant mindset continues to be that Hulk is only a drawback to be handled, even when the heroes disagree on the precise means, with Iron Man advocating for drastic strategies.

It’s actually shocking to see that the best heroes on Earth, together with the Avengers and the Incredible 4, have realized nothing in any case this time coping with the Hulk. When the Illuminati, a secret cabal of leaders that included Iron Man, Mr. Incredible, and Dr. Unusual, determined to “deal” with Bruce completely, they exiled him into house, which led to the disastrous World Conflict Hulk occasion.

Evidently Bruce Banner won’t ever be forgiven for his errors, which is the precise reverse of what occurs with the opposite heroes. Iron Man is just not an instance of advantage, and he’s answerable for extra questionable actions than everybody else, as proved by his function in Civil Conflict. And but, Tony is all the time thought of one of many “good guys” – somebody to be reasoned with and labored alongside – whereas Hulk will all the time be a monster to hunt, regardless of all of the occasions he has proved that he’s a hero. Whereas Tony justifies his upcoming assault by saying that Bruce tried to kill him, the reality is that Hulk wasn’t simply attempting to flee any additional fights, however to flee his total house actuality, eradicating himself as an issue for good. In taking the struggle to Hulk, Thor and Iron Man have turned a fleeing hero into an earth-shaking menace.

This method is just not solely unfair but additionally extremely harmful. Each time the opposite heroes attempt to “discover a resolution” to the Hulk drawback, they solely trigger issues to escalate. Now, the Avengers‘ obsession with taking down Hulk, together with Thor and Iron Man each overtly partaking him in a struggle for their very own satisfaction, will definitely result in disastrous penalties.

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Thor #25 might be accessible from Marvel Comics Could 18.

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