The Batman Will Not Release In Russia, As Response To Its Attack On Ukraine

The Batman Will Not Release In Russia, As Response To Its Attack On Ukraine

The publication of Batman has been suspended in Russia as a result of the invasion of Ukraine. After Warner Bros. opted to withdraw their picture from Russia following the decision taken by other studios, including Disney, which has now paused their releases in Russia in the aftermath of the Ukraine invasion, the decision was made to withdraw the film. March 4 was set to be the international release date for The Batman.

Warner Bros confirmed that the Russian release of the film had been postponed, saying, “The Russian release of the film has been deferred.” “As a result of the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, WarnerMedia has decided to delay the release in Russia of its feature film The Batman. In the meanwhile, we’ll keep an eye on things. We are hoping for a quick and peaceful conclusion to this tragedy..”

When Disney made the announcement on Monday, it was the first big Hollywood studio to do so. After Russia’s unjustified war on Ukraine on the weekend of February 25, Hollywood titles that premiered in Russia included Joe Wright’s Cyrano and The Godfather, which was re-released to commemorate its 50th anniversary for its 50th anniversary.

Pixar’s next film Turning Red, which was scheduled to launch in Russian theatres on March 10, has been postponed by Disney. Due to the current war, The Batman is the second major release to be halted in Russia. In other nations, the film’s release schedule will proceed as planned. The Robert Pattinson starrer will be released on March 4 in that country.


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